4 Mom-Friendly Tips to Initiate Your Tween To Fashion and Makeup

Being a parent to a teenager could be tricky for anyone but it is more difficult being a teenager in today’s times. It comes with certain concerns and difficulties that are only for female teens. While tweens are trying to handle the changing hormones, a part-time internship, and school, there is the constant pressure to fit in. Tweens are trying their best to find a place in the big world and to be successful at it, they need to explore individuality. Tweens love to experiment when it comes to clothes, makeup, and hairstyles.

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It could be worrying for every parent as tweens grow and you could question their choices, but be wary of judging them. You do not wish to overstep or lead to a confrontation with the tween but you can offer helpful advice and tips to them as they grow.

1. Is your tween ready?

You must remember that there is never a certain age when the child will become old enough to experiment with fashion and makeup. However, there is a belief of when it is age-appropriate. Something like makeup will fall into the gray parenting area which means there are no specific laws or rules in the area. It depends on the family and their child. There are high chances that your tween is influenced by social media. When your tween shows interest in wearing makeup, you may want to consider why she wants to put on makeup and probably go shopping together to help her pick the right makeup.

2. Make sure the makeup is safe

If the tween wants to try makeup, the best you can do is ensure she picks products that are safe. It means that you need to do a little homework before you go out shopping with her. You can also choose a product that has minimal chemical ingredients in it. Try to start with less and encourage your girl to take it slow and then consider adding more. If you wear makeup regularly, you can pick products that you have always liked using and the ones that last longer. It is always easy to add makeup than to remove it and when you are new to makeup, it is best to start slow. It is not possible to know how the skin will react to the new products you pick, so start with a patch test and then take it forward. You can easily find many tutorials that you both can watch and learn the tips and tricks of applying makeup. It is also a great chance to bond.

3. Go beyond the makeup

You must remember that there is so much more than just makeup. It can be a fun activity but you also need to understand how to take care of their skin. This is a chance to introduce skincare to your tween. It is always underneath it that matters the most. It is crucial to explain the importance of makeup removal and having clear skin. Do not compare the skin of your tween with anyone else. They are prone to acne, blemishes, and oily skin and if they are keen on wearing makeup, it is important to take care of the skin. If you notice that your child wants to wear makeup to hide the scars and blemishes, let them know that it will not get rid of them.

4. Do not judge their choices

When you go shopping with a teenager, it is best to never be judgemental. Leave your notions at home and let them choose whatever they like. You can certainly give your opinion but do not judge them based on the choices they make. Never make the mistake of comparing their body shape or size with someone else. It could do more harm than you can imagine. As long as they are picking age-appropriate clothes and trending apparel, you can let them have their way. Encourage your tween to experiment with new colors and styles. This is the age to experiment and see what looks the best on them.

It is not easy for a mother to manage the makeup and fashion talk with their tween but it is also a sign that your daughter is learning and growing up. This is when she needs you the most and your guiding light will make all the difference to her. It is essential to remember that it is a bonding opportunity and it is a chance for you to make it easy and convenient for your tween to open up to you. Shopping is the perfect opportunity to bond with your girl and no matter what she likes, encourage her to be herself and pick clothes that make her feel the most comfortable and confident.

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