20 Cool Two-tone Hair Ideas for Short, Medium and Long Hair

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The style stakes are in, and it would seem that this summer is all about having two-toned hair. We can see why two tones are all the rage right now, after all, why settle for one shade when you can rock two? There is no shortage of style ideas when it comes to this look. As well as having all the colors of the rainbow at your disposal to mix and match with, you can also select from multiple looks including balayage, ombre, dip dye, highlights and sand art, the list goes on and on. With so many colors and design ideas out there, it can seem quite difficult knowing where to get started. Here are 20 of the prettiest two tone hairstyles around, keep on reading to see if you can find one that suits you.

Peekaboo Highlights

As if this rock chick brunette bob wasn’t cool enough on its own, those pink peekaboo streaks add an entirely new edge. This look is fun and funky, and the thickness of the highlights creates a dramatic dimension to the hair.

Color Bangs

Looking for a low maintenance way to spruce up your icy blonde bob this summer? Add some streaks of your favorite bold hue – as you can see here, fuchsia pink goes particularly well with blonde. Only coloring the front of your fringe not only makes your look stand out, it is also incredibly easy to keep on top of.

Black and Brown Bob

You don’t have to play around with shocking shades and rainbow hues to make your two tone style stand out from the crowd. This look uses two pretty natural looking shades; jet black and dark, coffee brown, and teams them together in a way that is totally dramatic. If you’re going to try this half and half look for yourself, the blunt bob and full bangs will really complete it.

Black and Blonde Dip Dye

Unlike ombre, the two tones don’t gradually fade into one another. Instead, these two contrasting tones drastically meet in the end of the hair. Blonde tips on black hair is a great look as it does minimal damage to your dark hair and will require very little upkeep.

Half and Half

Can’t decide whether you look better with light or dark hair? If you’re lucky enough to have a face and complexion which looks great with both, you don’t have to decide. Get inspired by Cruella De Vil and go for this incredibly eye-catching half and half style.

Vivid Undercut

If you’re a secret punk princess, but need to look formal for your job or school, this is the ideal look for you. This seems like your average mid-length black hairstyle, until you tie it into a ponytail, bun or any other up-do and reveal the hidden undercut which is vivid pink and comes complete with a shaved pattern.

Funky Bunches

Going half and half with colors as striking as pink and blue is all about showing off your wild side. This is why the look goes perfectly with a playful style such as fun and funky bunches.

Neon Shades

These days, fashion trends are getting more and more outlandish, and it can seem impossible to truly stand out like nobody else. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile there is always a way to look completely unique like this double toned hairstyle which consists of neon purple and green.

Crimson Curls

Sometimes instead of two vividly colored hues in your hair, you prefer to add a striking shade to your natural locks. Bright and beautiful red looks stunning against a backdrop of natural brunette and is a fun way to try out two tone without doing anything too drastic.

Blonde and Brown

This look is one for the fashionistas and style icons out there. It’s hard to say what we love most about the look, from the short Bettie Bangs to the beach waves and, of course, the brown chunky streak which breaks up the block of blonde.

Sleek Curls

Curls don’t come much sleeker or smoother than this. This perfectly preened hairstyle is enhanced by the tie dye style of magical, muted colors blending into one another.

The Big Bangs Theory

A full thick fringe on bouncy, layered curls is a sure fire way to add drama to your image. If that’s still not enough for you, try out reverse ombre. This fashionable hair trend flips ombre upside down by starting off with a lighter color and fading into dark.

Blonde Frame

You’ll look like a scene queen if you try out these long red locks and sweeping side bangs. The singular blonde streak around the edge of the fringe frames and brightens up the models features beautifully.

Kissed by Fire

We’ve heard of sun kissed highlights of blonde before, but this unique style will leave your locks looking like you’ve just come from the flames. That fiery shade of orange is a real show-stopper, especially when added to a dark black base.

Two Tone Curls

Keep it subtle and stunning by opting for two tone brunette locks. The dark brown color is brightened up by those light, nutmeg ends. To finish the look off perfectly, curl the layers out just like the model has done.

Seaweed Green

These long luscious curls with sea green ends wouldn’t look out of place on a mermaid. Treat yourself to this look if you have super long wavy locks like these. The best part is that the colored ends require very little upkeep.

Stripy Style

The great thing about balayage is that the two tones can blend in to one another as softly or as harshly as you like. If you fancy doing something funky and different, try out severe stripes of blonde and brunette.

Contrasting Curls

Here is another way to wear two tones of brown in your hair and make it look absolutely stunning. A sweet shade of cinnamon painted through dark brown curls will make your hair look healthy and full of life.

Blue and Blonde

This is not a hairstyle for the faint of heart. Try out this ice maiden style with a pale ivory skin complexion and you’ll end up looking like the queen of winter.

Mix and Match

You can play around with much more than just colors in your hair. As well as teaming up two different tones, why not mix and match haircuts as well? A huge side fringe, short layers and a super long length come together to make a truly quirky cut.