Sassy Braided Updo Designs You Won’t Miss

Since summer is approaching, it gets hotter and hotter. It would be better for girls to glam updo hair looks. The pretty updo hairstyles are not only sassy, but also can elongate girls’ neck and give an elegant vibe. Today’s post is going to show some pretty updo hair to you. The designs are all about the braided hairstyles. Updo designs in the post are made by fishtail braids.

Fishtail braids can always add a pretty look to girls. This time, they are used to make braided hairstyles and they can also make an ultra-pretty look to the updo hair. To create a braided updo hair look, you can just roll your fishtails or just twist your fishtail braids. If you decide to wear a braided updo hairstyle for the look, you can make a braid first and pin it up.

It’s easy for every girl to try on the braided updo. Maybe you don’t know what style you like still. You can check the post out and choose one of the designs. Hope you have fun with the pretty hair designs.

Fishtail Crown Braid
Fishtail Crown Braid via
Fishtail Braid Roll
Fishtail Braid Roll via
Twisted Fishtail Braid
Twisted Fishtail Braid via
Fishtail Braid Sock Bun
Fishtail Braid Sock Bun via
Braided Chignon
Braided Chignon via
Fishtail Buns
Fishtail Buns via
Fishtail Bun for Red Hair
Fishtail Bun for Red Hair via
Disheveled Chignon
Disheveled Chignon via
Chignon Hairstyle
Chignon Hairstyle via
Braided Chignons
Braided Chignons via
Braided Roll
Braided Roll via
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