Tattoo Removal 101

Everybody says that tattoos are forever, but that isn’t necessarily true. It is an unfortunate truth that lots of tattoos end up regretted for one reason or another, and while most people are content with covering it with clothing and letting it stay, others are desperate to get the permanent ink off their bodies. If you have some ink you regret, then here is what you need to know about removing it.

Tattoo Removal 101
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Consider Covering with Another Tattoo

A popular way of hiding an old tattoo is to get another tattoo. This is perfect for those who don’t mind the fact that they have a tattoo but rather dislike the content of the image or words. Many tattoo artists are more than happy to lend their creativity to come up with ways of covering the ink, so consider that before jumping into laser treatment.

Tattoo Removal 101
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If Going for Full Removal, Don’t Skimp on Price

As much as you might be drawn in by lotions and salts that promise to remove your tattoo without laser treatment, it simply will not work and could even damage your skin. You need a professional to give you laser treatment to make an impact on your skin, and even then, there might still be some ink showing.

When searching for who to go with, look at reviews and don’t skimp on price. If you’re desperate to get it off sooner rather than later,  you could consider looking at short term loans to help finance it – try short term loan

It’s Not a One Appointment Fix

Don’t expect to go to your first appointment and leave with clear skin – laser treatment is a slow process. Expect between five and ten sessions, accounting for more if your tattoo is big or new. Not only that, but your skin will need a fair amount of time to heal once the laser treatment has been completed.

It Won’t Look Exactly as it Did

Tattoo Removal 101
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The permanence of a tattoo doesn’t mean you’ll always have that tattoo, but it does mean your skin will never look the same again. While laser treatment will remove most, if not all, the ink, you will still be left with some scarring. Some people are more bothered by this than others, and it is the reason why many decide to get it covered rather than lasered.

The Pain is Similar to Getting a Tattoo

Tattoo Removal 101
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There is no denying that laser treatment is painful, and this does deter many people, but some people claim it is no more painful than getting the tattoo itself. So, if you could handle the pain when under the needle, you should manage the laser.

After-Care is Essential

Tattoo Removal 101

]After-care is just as important with removals as it is with tattoos. You should avoid getting it too wet at first and apply the after cream often. If you don’t do this, you risk the chance of prolonging the healing process and infection. Go to Andrea Catton for all you need to know about tattoo removal aftercare.

Having unwanted ink on your body is never fun, but there are ways to cover and remove it. By choosing the best treatment and taking proper care of the area, the area that once had the tattoo will show little more than light scarring.

Tattoo Removal 101
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