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Top 15 Hair Color Ideas of 2024

Are you dying to do a little something different and daring with your locks? Instead of committing to the big chop, why not choose a bold new hair color? While dark, cool tones are elegant and fitting for every occasion, sometimes you want to step outside the box and kick it to the curb – a vibrant mane will help you do just that! After all, not only does wearing a new hair hue make a statement, but it even boosts your mood! Here are 15 unique hair color ideas that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd:

15 Must-Try Hair Colors 

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1. Ginger Me, Please!

The soft, golden reddish hue of ginger often reminds us of Autumn leaves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn heads all year long with this sultry color! Ginger hair delivers a flirty, instantly noticeable charm to your choice of fashion. (Not to mention, it contrasts beautifully with denim styles!) Pair your burnt orange tresses with voluminous, shoulder length loose waves, showcasing the brilliant hue with your bouncy mane. Up the ante with a side part that allows your locks to sweep over your eye for an alluring finish.

2. Strawberry Milk

It’s no accident that locks kissed by a baby pink hue playfully resemble a tall glass of milk – strawberry milk, that is. We will be the first to tell you that they are equally irresistible! If you want to satisfy your craving for a pop of color in your hair, but are worried about your new hairdo being too bright, try sporting your tresses with a light, soft pink. Light pink looks absolutely amazing with soft waves of any length, whether a classic, face framing bob, or a cascading, long look.  

3. Hottest Pink Blunt Bob

Sometimes, soft hues just aren’t enough. Want to command the attention of the entire room without ever saying a word? With an edgy, hot pink crown, others will know just how much of a fashionista you are from one look! Try wearing your bright, festive pink locks in an elegant, asymmetrical bob, or sport them Nicki Minaj style with a blunt cut bang paired with lengthy straight or curly tresses. If you are hesitant about a head full of pink, opt for black or blonde roots.   

4. I’ve Got the Blues

Would you rather take the cool, deep approach to a colorful new look? Set yourself miles apart from the competition with a piercing, cool blue. Any shade of blue is a conversation starter – from a vibrantly bright shade resembling the sky, to a deep navy, it’s impossible to go wrong with indigo in your life. Everyone will know exactly who the Queen is once you arrive with this stunning royal blue hue!  

5. Purple Rain

Speaking of royalty, there’s no other hue that embodies the spirit of regality quite like purple. If you are more of a fan of daring, attention grabbing colors throughout your mane, a head of violet tresses is perfect for you! The styling options are truly endless – you could begin with dark roots that slowly transition to a soft lavender, or sport your grape hued locks with soft pink and blue highlights. Whether long or short, lilac hair is truly lovely! Seal the deal by throwing in a few curls, or leave it bone straight, bringing out the mix of colors in each strand. 

6. Highlighter Yellow

Are you thinking of giving gold hair a try, but feel like blonde is too typical and safe? Just as the highlighter commands the attention of the reader, a new hairdo with bright, bold yellow tresses will demand everyone to take notice! Ironically the same hue as cautionary road signs, choosing a look donned by blazing yellow tresses will have you stopping traffic. You can even pair your high energy hair with dark roots for a gradual introduction. Forget turning heads – get ready to break a few necks! 

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7. Green Apple 

Want to leave the haters green with envy? While money certainly makes the world go ‘round, you might not want that particular shade on your head. Thinking of a soft olive, or maybe emerald, but worried about how it might look once on your hair strands? Step out the box with a crown of lively, slime green tresses! You could wear a whole head of leafy hued hair paired with subtle, soft waves, or take a unique approach with a trendy lime pixie cut. 

8. Fire Engine Red

Certain hair colors are as hot and spicy as they come. Fire engine red happens to be one of them! Forget boring burgundy tones – instead of a red wine hued mane, go bright or go home! If you want to transform into a sultry siren, donning a head of blazing red tresses is a surefire way to do so! Try throwing in a few loose curls paired with ruby makeup for a classy spin on a fiery look. You could also opt for bone straight tresses. 


9. Pumpkin Spice

While dark, deep ginger roots are gorgeous as well, there’s something about tangerine tresses that gets the people going! Give them a hint of sugar, spice, and everything nice with a little carrot top charm. Set yourself miles apart from anything typical with a blunt cut orange bob. You can even spice it up by adding a few crinkles throughout your mane paired with a middle part. If you are worried about too much orange, pair your bright apricot hued locks with chestnut brown roots.     

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10. Tantalizing Teal 

Do you happen to be torn between blue and green? Not sure if you want your hair to sparkle like sapphires or emeralds? You can always  combine the two for an easy fix! Teal is absolutely ravishing against a head of loose waves – the sunlight catches each ocean and shamrock hue, showing off the beautiful changes in pigment. You could even pair jet black roots with a braided high bun or ponytail if you prefer to keep your turquoise tresses up and out of the way.   

11. Valentine Ombre  Pink

If one hue isn’t enough to align you with your vision of the perfect hair color, you can always try an ombre mix of two beautiful shades. Pink is one of those colors that happens to look glamorous when paired with other similar shades. Of course, deep midnight black roots at the base is always an option for a more natural look. Why not switch things up a bit with your cotton candy pink tresses at the top? Pair them with a cool maroon for an ombre that is reminiscent of Valentine’s Day.  

12. The Icy Ombre  

Ready to turn heads with a look that is out of this world? Bring the blueberry babe out to play! Show them you are crazy for cobalt with a whole head of beautiful blues. There are so many ways to pull this look off – you can begin with deep indigo roots that slowly morph into bright cerulean tips. On the contrary, you could also start with a hairline of sky blue that playfully transitions into Egyptian blue. Pair your new look with fitting shoulder length, loose tresses.  

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13. Pixie Dust Ombre  

Want to deliver a magical, whimsical feel with your newly chosen hairdo? Rocking an unique blend of soft, pastel hues will bring on major fairy vibes! Think soft pink, baby blue, light seafoam green or lavender – blending two or more of these colors just the right way will have your friends asking when your switched stylists! Try sporting a gently flipped ombre bob of periwinkle mixed with hints of powder blue. Pair your look with a light purple, smoky eye to leave others hypnotized by your beauty. 

14. Sunset Ombre  

Who says that all the fun has to end when the sun goes down? A true night owl knows that the real fun begins at sunset! The same rings true for your crown, of course – try blending 3 standalone hues together for a finish that rivals the intensity of the sun. With a fiery sunset colored mane, others will know that you are anything but typical. Begin with golden roots at the base that slowly transition to a shiny marmalade and end with tips of garnet.  

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15. Rainbow 

Perhaps for you, one or two colors will never do. Maybe even 3 or 4 colors still won’t do the trick. Are you tired of trying to decide which color will work the best for you? Solve your problem with no commitment and wear them all! Rainbow hair is daring, fun, and certainly not something you see everyday. You’ll be sure to be the center of attention with such a vibrant look. 

The Bottom Line  

A colorful hair switch up is always fun, but it’s even better when you arrive at the function shining like the fashionista that you are! If you have concerns about exposing your hair to harsh chemicals and dyes, the best approach is to find a premium quality colored wig. This way, you can experiment with different natural-looking long or short styles while keeping your real hair safe and healthy. Simply put on a wig cap, style, and go! For more haircare and fashion tips and tricks, continue to check with Pretty Designs for updates! 

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