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20 Trendy African American Pixie Haircuts for Short Hair – Straight, Curls, Layers

Halle Berry, Janet Jackson and Rihanna are just a few celebrities who have, at one time or another, made pixie crops their signature style. These stars have also proven just how beautiful short pixie crops can look on black women.

Rich skin tones, tight curls and naturally prominent bone structures are three key ingredients for making a pixie crop look perfect, so if you’re lucky enough to rock all three of these features, this could be the ideal style for you. The great thing about this classic haircut is that it has never gone out of fashion and it is never likely to do so. Super short hair can be worn in a variety of exciting ways, which means that you’ll always be able to find a unique pixie that is right for you.

So, if you’re looking for a way to look chic and cool this spring, here are some hottest pixie cuts for black women to inspire you to get the chop.

Layered Blue and Purple Pixie Cut with Sunglasses

Short, choppy layers can create a depth and texture to hair like no other style. The shape of this crop accentuates any girl’s bone structure and can even create the illusion of cheekbones on round faced girls. As if that wasn’t enough, we also love the deep, magical shades of ocean blue and purple.

Cool Pixie

Short and Layered African American Pixie Cut

Keep your pixie cut super short and choppy if you really want to make the most of your face shape. The feathered bangs frame this model’s features beautifully and it could do the same for you.

Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Asymmetrical Lilac Pixie – Purple Pixie Cut for Short Hair

It’s impossible to choose what we love most about this hairstyle. The edgy cut is truly unique, bluntly rounded with a shaved undercut on one side and has been cut into wavy layers on the other. Then there is that stunning shade of pastel lavender. Altogether, this makes for one show stopping style.

Pale Purple Hair

African American Curly Top – Pixie Cut with soft Curls

You can flaunt your natural curls while still rocking a sleek, polished and easily manageable style. The glossy curls on top add some stunning texture to this short crop and the clipped sides, complete with slick lines, create a beautifully sculpted shape.

Black Layered Pixie

All Over Curls – Trendy Short Curly Pixie Cut for African American Women

The great thing about this closely cropped and curly pixie cut is just how simple it is. This would be the perfect style for you if you don’t enjoy the hassle and stress of doing your hair every morning.

Pretty Pixie

Scruffy Pixie – Layered Pixie Cut for Black Women

Make the most of your thick natural texture by playing around with tousled styles like this one. The pixie has been cut into a choppy, layered style and pushed forward into a sexy quiff.

Soft Pixie

Caramel Curls – African American Short Haircut Ideas

These tightly coiled curls are incredibly sweet and pretty. Cut your hair into this spirally style and you’ll find that it stands out even more with the addition of golden caramel highlights.

Curly Blonde Pixie

Chocolate Brown – Short Straight Pixie Cut with Bangs

It’s that rich, glossy shade of chocolate brown that makes this side swept pixie such a head turner. The shape and cut of this girl’s brunette locks will work wonders for anyone’s cheekbones.

Sleek Pixie

Thick Curls – African American Short Curly Haircut – Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts like this one look best when they’re full of depth and texture and it’s no secret that black girls can rock big, beautiful texture like no one else. We love the way the hair has been divided with sharp lines and a shaved fade.

Curly Pixie

Sleek Black Pixie Cut with Long Side Swept Bangs

It’s hard to imagine a cut more flattering shape than this jet black pixie. The sweeping side bangs and the expertly cut side work together to frame this model’s face perfectly.

Beautiful Black Pixie

Fade with Lines for Black Women

Your natural afro texture is perfect for creating a shapely, textured pixie cut. Let your curls add height to your extra short crop, and ask your stylist to cut in a super sleek fade with sharp lines.

Short Haircut

Caramel Curls

The loose, spiraling curls in this pixie are evidence of just how feminine short hair can look. The sweet caramel color compliments this model’s skin tone perfectly.

Chic Curly Pixie

The Audrey Hepburn – Short African American Haircut for Thick Hair

Super short bangs and choppy little layers make this glossy black pixie look just like Hollywood icon, Audrey Hepburn’s. That adorable kiss curl on the side frames the face perfectly and adds an extra touch of vintage glamour.

Cute Pixie

African American Floppy Side Pixie Cut for Medium Hair

The asymmetrical shape of this classically styled pixie would look amazing at any formal, glamorous occasion. The hair has been parted deep to the side; one half is short and choppy, accentuating cheekbones, while the other is silky and floppy. I love her tattoo!

Long Side Parting

Honey Bangs – Layered Long Pixie Cut with Long Bangs

This swept forward pixie is not only super stylish; it is also incredibly flattering for any face shape. The bangs have been kept slightly long and layered, and that honey blonde shade looks amazing on brown skin.

Layered Pixie

Red Curls – Red Pixie Cut – Short African American Pixie Cut with Bright Color

Feeling bold and beautiful? If so, try out the sexiest shade of all- vivid red- on a classic curly cut. That red truly is daring, and the dark tones underneath make the spiraling curls stand out even more.

Wine Red Pixie

Cherry Red

Deep tones of cherry red really bring out the wavy layers of this relaxed pixie. The style of this shaggy do is both feminine and classy.

Burgundy Pixie

Natural Curls

Let your natural curls be free by trying out this stress free pixie for yourself. All that is required to recreate this look is a little bit of combing and some product to slick down the sides in order to create even more height on top.

Natural Curls

Full Bangs

Looking for way to look chic and stylish while still showing off your rebellious, tomboy side? This choppily cropped pixie, complete with full bangs and short sides is the ideal way to do exactly that.

Pixie with Long Bangs

Flapper Girl

These perfectly polished golden finger waves have been styled in a vintage, roaring twenties style. They remind us a little bit of the ultimate flapper girl, Josephine Baker. Plus, that beautiful all-over blonde really makes a statement.

Blonde Short Hair
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