14 Fantastic Medium Haircuts for 2016

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Do you want to get a fresh and trendy hair look for the new season? I bet the medium haircuts will be your ideal option with their versatile shapes and styles. They are becoming more and more popular among women theses years. Their particular look and style can make you stand out in the crowd. Today, let’s take a look at these fantastic medium haircuts with our great photos below!

The medium haircuts can show more flattering and trendy for women when compared with other hairstyles. If you want a funky look, you can go for a choppy layered haircut. Its stylish layers of different lengths can also help to frame the both sides of your face at the same time. For those girls who prefer the slight style and newness, it will be a great idea to cut some modest layers over your fabulous mid-length tresses.

Vintage Styled Medium Haircut

Vintage Styled Medium Haircut/Pinterest


Trendy Medium Wavy Haircut

Trendy Medium Wavy Haircut/Pinterest


Textures Medium Wavy Haircut

Textures Medium Wavy Haircut for shoulder length hair/Pinterest


Pretty Layered Medium Haircut

Pretty Layered Medium Haircut/Pinterest


Playful Medium Curly Wavy Haircut

Playful Medium Curly Wavy Haircut for 2016/Pinterest


Modern Medium Straight Haircut

Modern Medium Straight Haircut/Pinterest


V-cut Medium Straight Haircut

V-cut Medium Straight Haircut/Pinterest


Medium Haircut for Thick Hair

Medium Haircut for Thick Hair/Pinterest


Medium Bob Haircut

Medium Bob Haircut/Pinterest


Cool Medium Haircut With Highlights

Cool Medium Haircut With Highlights/Pinterest


Highlighted Medium Straight Haircut

Highlighted Medium Straight Haircut/Pinterest


Gorgeous Medium Wavy Blond Haircut

Gorgeous Medium Wavy Blond Haircut/Pinterest


Curly Wavy Medium Haircut for Ombre Hair

Curly Wavy Medium Haircut for Ombre Hair/Pinterest


Charming Medium Blond Wavy Haircut

Charming Medium Blond Wavy Haircut/Pinterest

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