Light Pink Eye Makeup

26 Easy Step by Step Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Hey, beautiful girls! Before you go out, you will not forget to wear some beautiful makeup on your face. So today we have collected 12 useful easy makeup tutorials for you. These tutorials will offer you many a easy way to spice up your makeup. They will teac

17 Super Basic Eye Makeup for Beginners

Though everyone knows how important the eye makeup is, it is not easy for beginners to make perfect eyes at first. Today Prettydesigns will offer several eye makeup tutorials for beginners. They are practical and provide beginners with ways on how to make bigg

15 Hair Tutorials to Style Your Hair

It’s easy for you to style a pretty hair look with some useful hair tutorials. Today prettydesigns is going to show you some hair tutorials. You will not miss them. You will find tutorials to get your daily hair look vivid and pretty. Here are tutorials of h

20 Polyvore Outfits Ideas for Fall

20 Polyvore Outfits Ideas for Fall

Have you got enough staples for your new season look? If you say no, why not just stay with us and learn how to glam a pretty look for fall. As summer just went, the summer heat still remains in the early fall. So it’s not necessary to put on too many clothe

Straight Bob

12 Pretty Mid-length Hairstyles for Women

Have you got everything ready for a new year? If you say no, why not begin with your hair. So you won’t miss today’s post. The post will introduce some pretty hairstyles for the mid-length hair. If you happen to have a mid-length hair, you are lucky to fin

20 Styling Ideas with Leggings

Leggings are staples for every girl. Usually they are useful and suitable for many events. No matter where you go, you can wear a pair of leggings to complete the look. It’s convenient for girls to have several leggings in the wardrobe. Girls can use legging

17 Sassy Ideas to Wear Skirts and Sneakers

Girls need to have a pair of sneakers for every seasonal style. Also, they will have various skirts to create a great look. What if they combine the skirts with the sneakers for a new season? Girls will never stop thinking about their styles everyday. They wil

15 Stacked Bobs You Will Love

A new season is approaching. Do you want to style a new haircut for the season? What hair look are you going to style? We continue to show you some bob hair looks to rock the new season. Today’s post is going to show you some hair ideas. There are stacked bo

17 Ideas to Pair Your Outfits with Black Flats

I think that flats are most comfortable shoes in my wardrobe. They can not only pair my various outfits well, but also be worn for seasons. The black flats are my staples for every year’s new styles. Today I will share some outfit ideas with you girls. Hope

18 Styles to Wear Your Denim Jackets for Spring

It is true that every girl needs a good denim jacket to pop the spring look. You can try it on with lots of pieces and it will complete your looks prettily. Today’s post is going to tell you how to glam a spring look with a denim jacket. Girls who keep sever

20 Pretty Short Bobs for Spring

The warm weather is approaching. It’s time for every girl to have a new hair look. What are you going to style for the season? The best choice must be short bobs. It’s easy for you to go with them and to maintain. I don’t think you will miss these pretty

25 Spring Outfit Ideas with Flats

Flats are staples for everyone’s spring closet. They are comfy as well as pretty. It’s easy for every girl to pair their look with a pair of comfy shoes. Let’s check the post out and find some breezy spring outfit ideas to enjoy the warm sun of the seaso

20 Chic Casual Outfit Ideas with Wedges

Every girl will have a pair of wedges to rock the summer looks. Wedges can not only lengthen leg lines, but also pair your outfits very well. They will bring you a casual look, a serious look or an elegant look. Today, prettydesigns will show you ideas to step