Shimmery Purple Eye Makeup

14 Glamorous Purple Eye Makeup Looks

As the mysterious purple color is becoming more and more popular this year, it is also a good idea to wear this shade for our eye makeup look. Compared with eye shadows of other colors like soft pink and bright yellow, the romantic purple eye makeup can be wor

Vibrant Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup Look

15 Amazing Peacock Inspired Eye Makeup Looks for 2014

Nowadays, more and more young girls would like to get a dramatic look through a different eye makeup. As we all know, the eye makeup look plays an important part for your overall style. The colorful eyes will be a perfect option for an interesting party look,

Purple Lips Makeup With Glitters

16 Trendy Purple Lips Makeup Looks

Purple lips are the new trend for women’s makeup look. They may be not the first choice when you are choosing a new lipstick for the latest style as their shades are quite different from the commonly seen red and orange lips. But they can also create an amaz

Dark Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

12 Chic Blue Eye Makeup Looks and Tutorials

Blue eyes are a perfect choice for a formal evening look. They would work best for a blue or a black outfit. If you want to look more graceful, just try out the dark midnight blue eyes. Besides, they can also create a dramatic effect for the wearers at the sam

Orange Lips

12 Overwhelming Orange Lip Makeup Ideas for 2014

Every girl has her favorite red lipstick in her bag to create a trendy makeup look for the new season. But actually the orange lips are more fashion-forward and stylish than the red lips for their fresh colors. You can see many celebrities and models wear them

Gorgeous Blue and Gold Eye Makeup Look

12 Gorgeous Blue and Gold Eye Makeup Looks and Tutorials

Blue eyes always look so stunning for girls. And it will be more alluring if blended with some gold dust over your eyelids. The blue and gold eye makeup looks are the perfect choice for parties and evens. You can also make a beautiful shimmery blue and gold ey

Winged Smokey Eye Makeup Look

15 Attractive Winged Smokey Eye Makeup Looks for 2014

The winged smokey eye makeup always plays an important part in the makeup fashion trends for women. You’ll never find out another eye makeup look that will be more appropriate for a hot party look than the charming winged smokey eyes. They can be also worn t

Purple Colored Mascara Look

12 Ways to Teach You How to Apply Colored Mascara

The beautiful colored mascaras are very popular among teenage girls and young women. They will be able to add volume and charm to your eyelashes. You can get a dramatic makeup look to use the colored mascara and matching eye shadow at the same time, which make

Blue Glittery Eye Makeup

14 Amazing Glittery Eye Makeup Looks

There’s no doubt that the glittery eyes are the best makeup choice for a glamorous party or evening look to all girls. So you needn’t have to concern about your next party appearance any more. You can spatter some glitters over your favorite makeup to add

Black Shimmery Grey Smokey Eye Makeup

12 Alluring Grey Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

The grey smokey eyes are the best choice for girls to have a glamorous party look. There’re plenty of ways for you to make a grey smokey eye makeup look. You can also mix with other neutral colored eye shadows like brown, purple, teal and gold to get a perfe

Metallic Ombre Eye Makeup

18 Hottest Ombre Makeup Looks

A right eye makeup can lift uplift your charm to its most. All girls want to have sexy eyes for their makeup look. The ombre eyes are the mostly used technique by all makeup artists around the world. You can wear them for a party or an evening. They will be ab

Golden Eye Makeup Look

13 Charming Golden Eye Makeup Looks for 2017

Golden eye makeup looks so luscious for all girls and ladies. So they would like to wear the golden eye makeup to compliment their gorgeous evening dresses. Golden shadows have a wide variety of shades for you to create different styles and looks. You can also

Jennifer Lopez Bright Lipstick

Top Four Hottest Makeup Looks You Should Try

Hey, beautiful ladies! The pop stars are the idols for us to follow. They have the best stylists and they always can get the latest fashion news make a fashion trend for us. We all want to be as beautiful and popular as those shining celebrities. How can they

Teal Eye Liner

15 Amazing Teal Eye Makeup Ideas

Teal eye makeup looks so stunning for its impressive shade when compared with other colors. It would give out a modern-chic sense for the wearer and can be mixed up with brown, gold and black to create any style you like. You can wear the teal eye makeup for a

Stunning Neon Eye Makeup

17 Fabulous Neon Eye Makeup Ideas for Women

Wanna add another shot of attention to your style for a special occasion this weekend? The neon eye makeup will be your perfect option for their bright shades. It is also a big chance for you to spice up your look this season. Besides, there’re so many brigh