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Colorful Eye Makeup Ideas for Spring

Spring is time for fashionistas and makeup lovers to play with colors. Let’s learn from the talented girls and do a colorful eye makeup for ourselves. In this bright season, you may try some cheerful colors such as fresh blue, green. They will bring you a vi

Blue Eyes for Vampire MakeUp Ideas via

21 Creative Vampire MakeUp Ideas

Do you want to become a vampire as people are so keen to watching the Vampire Diary now? We can show you some makeup tricks to help you make this dream come true. They are can be not only used for Halloween in October, but also to make some fun in our life. T

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17 Ways to Catch Up With the Latest Smokey Eyes

As we all know, smokey eyes can help women to look amazing and stunning in any occasion. They are being able to redefine our final style with ultra-modern sense. So, we’ve made a collection of some trendy smokey eye makeup looks to give you an inspiration fo

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15 Charming Night Makeup Ideas

We all think makeup is important for us to look amazing especially at night. Do you want to get more information of the night makeup? Today, we’ll provide you 15 charming night makeup looks as well as their tutorials to teach you step by step to get that gla

Green Eye Makeup

20 Perfect Makeup Transformations

We all have to admit that makeup is really a powerful magician to make wonders. If you don’t believe this, check out our 20 perfect makeup transformations with photos as proof below! A Russian makeup artist Vadim Andreev showed us the whole process of how ma

Orange Eye Shadow

20 Beautiful MakeUp Tutorials for Brown Eyes

Almost of a half of the population have browns eyes in the world. There’re many ways for brown eyes women to look amazing and glamorous. Today, we’ve rounded up 20 beautiful makeup tutorials for you girls and follow our fabulous photos below! Many colors w


5 MakeUp Tips For Glasses Wearers

For glasses wearers, have you ever wondered whether to put a makeup on your eyes or not? And what color could the eye shadow be? Today, I’ll provide you with some interesting makeup ideas for glasses wearers here. First, good skin condition can make you look

Graceful and Sexy Smokey Eyes

10 Amazing Smokey Eyes Tutorials

When we get to know a new people, it’s his eyes that first catch our attention. So our eyes really played a very important part in our communication with others. For girls, we should pay more attention to our eye makeup. People always are being impressed wi

Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

12 Amazing Makeup Tutorials For Green Eyes

This post is specially written for those girls with green eyes. Today, we’ve rounded up 12 amazing makeup tutorials for you. They will make your eyes more charming and attractive. From nature look, smoky eyes to the most dramatic makeup, you would find a fav

Sexy Orange Eye Makeup Look

2014 Best Orange Eye Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

Women who love doing makeups must have more than one palette for them to play with the colors. Women like trying different shadows on their eyes for different occasions and in different moods. Today, I make this great collection of the best orange eye makeup i

25 Eye-Catching Sparkly Makeup Ideas

25 Eye-Catching Sparkly Makeup Ideas

For a totally new season , you should not only pay attention to your clothes and hairstyles, but also your makeup. We all know that the sparkle makeup looks really gorgeous in any occasion, especially for an evening or a party at the night. Today, we’ll you

19 Wonderful Party Makeup Ideas

18 Wonderful Party Makeup Ideas

Do you have an emergent party or prom to take part in recently? Don’t worry, we can provide you some wonderful party makeup ideas today to help you make a perfect appearance and stand out in the crowd! There’re many useful skills to help you girls make a p

20 Ingenious Makeup Art Designs

20 Ingenious Makeup Art Designs

We all love makeup as they can make us look irresistibly and ultra-feminine. It is so magical of the makeup transformation. But today I’d like to show you the other side of the interesting power of the makeup – to be creative and art. There’re so many am