Floral Nails

16 Spring Nail Designs for Women

Do you get everything ready for the upcoming season? Have you pulled out the pastel dress, skirts and thin clothes to welcome the season? After you prepare for your spring look, don’t forget to make a manicure. What manicure do you think is the best for spri

Pretty Bunny Nails

16 Lovely Easter Bunny Nail Arts You May Love

Easter is coming soon. At Easter, eggs will be painted in a colorful way and they will be piled up around you for sure. In Easter holidays, why not have your nails polished in an Easter nail art to meet the spirit of the holiday. If you don’t know how to pai

Black and White Nails

16 Butterfly Nail Designs for the Season

You may have seen a black butterfly or a white butterfly. Have you seen a golden butterfly? It’s all about a butterfly nail art. In the world of butterfly nail arts, butterflies can be colored in any hue you want. Don’t worry that the butterflies on nails

Black and Sliver Nails

13 Tutorials for Star Nail Arts

Have you ever counted stars at night when you are very young? Children love the sparkling stars and always want to know how many stars are in the sky. Today we come back from our childhood and we are going to use some ‘stars’ to create the pretty star nail

Purple and Green Nails

21 Star Nail Designs for Every Woman

‘Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky.’ Do you still remember the lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? It seems that the beautiful melody and lyrics drift from my early year again.

Red Nails

Leave Nail Designs for the season

There are no two same leaves in the world. There are no two same leave nail arts in the world as well. Inspired from the falling leaves, leave nail arts are so stylish and vivid among the nail designs. Every kind of leave can be created in different colors and

Pretty Nail Art

How to Make a Floral Nail Polish for Spring

Hello, girls! What do you want to print for your spring nail art? It’s amazing for you to print some lovely flowers and create a spring feel on the nails. As the blossom will boom in spring, you can make a floral nail art for the season. How to print flowers

Green Ombre Nails

16 Cool Nail Designs

You want a cool look for the next party? Then don’t forget to complete your look with a cool nail art. Today’s post will introduce some pretty good nail arts for those who want a cool nail design. Having these designs, you can rock the next party for sure.

Flowers Nail Art

Spring Nail Art Tutorials for Women

In spring, you may love wearing pastel dresses and skirts. To complete the look, we suggest you print the nails in light colors. Light color polishes can always bring a romantic and pretty vibe. There are spring nail art tutorials for you to keep pace with spr

Delicate Pink Nails

15 Pink Nail Arts You Must Have

Anything pink reminds me of Barbie doll. Pink shows us a sweet and lovely look. It seems that pink will bring something adorable and ultra-pretty, so why not create a pretty pink nail art in order to enjoy spring. Here are some pink nail designs. Check them ou

Stylish Nails

Top 13 Blue Pointy Nails

I love the blue sea and the clean sky because I feel clam and peaceful when I see the color blue. Light blue means the sky while deep blue means the ocean. Sometimes, the color may be between blue and green, so it may means the color of the nature. If you ask

Bow Nails

2014 Trendy Nail Designs You Must Have

Today’s post is going to introduce some trendy and latest nail designs to hipsters. You don’t even need to go to a manicure shop and just do the nails by yourself at home because there are enough pretty trendy nail designs here. The designs can be used to

Black and Purple Nails with Studs

Top 20 Studded Nail Designs You Should Have

I want to get everything studded because I think that studded clothes, studded shoes or studded hats can always make me become a focus. The studded things are sassy and cool, so they can bring an ultra-rock look. Even the studded nails can make every girl shin

Simple Nails

Useful Nail Tutorials for Spring and Summer

Today I will introduce some useful nail tutorials to you. Nails grow fast in spring and summer. Though it’s annoyed for those girls who want to keep the short nails, it’s necessary for girls to have manicure in fixed time. If you follow the post, you don

Funny Nails

11 Nice Nail Tutorials for Short Nails

You don’t like pointy nails? You always have short nails? It’s OK for you to keep the short nails because you can print many nail arts for them. There are some nice nail tutorials for short nails in today’s post. They can be printed for many occasions. Y