Pointy Nails with Glitter

20 Shiny Metallic Nail Designs for Girls to Shine

Metallic colors are trendy all the time because of its gradient beauty. If you want to be a party queen, you won’t miss the metallic elements. You can just pair your dress with an amazing metallic necklace and  the metallic high heels, but don’t forget to

Light Colored Nails

12 Pollock Nail Designs You Must Have

Though drip paintings are abstract, they create a particular art. They are used to make the nail arts called Pollock nail arts. Pollock nail arts are stylish and innovative. The nails arts can be created with deep color as well as light color. Last week, I hav

Tri-colored Nails

15 Useful and Beautiful Nail Tutorials You Must Have

Keep pace with the latest beautiful nail tutorials by follow our post. Today, we pick up some useful nail tutorials for you to practice. Take your manicure tools now and follow the step-by-step nail art tutorials. You will find that they are useful as well as

Purple and Gold Nails

10 Purple Stiletto Nail Designs You Must Have

Do you love purple? Someone loves purple because it means loyal and pious. For me, I love purple because of the flower lavender. In some occasions, I find purple may not exactly purple. It feels more like blue while sometimes more like red. If it contains more

Black and White Nails

20 Skull Nail Designs to Rock the Season

When you see a skull image, will you feel horrible and something dangerous? The skull image always appears a warning signal. It may tell you there is something terrible ahead. However, the fashion products benefit a lot from the skull accessories. Skull access

Yellow Nails

10 Funny Nail Tutorials for You to Show off

Get everything funny now! Why not wear a funny bun and polish funny nails for outgoing in the spring? If you don’t know how to print the funny nails, you can just follow today’s post. The post will introduce enough funny nail arts to you. They are funny ch

Red Nail Art

17 Sexy Red Nail Designs for the Season

I remember that I have my nails polished in red color for the first manicure. Now red nails are still trendy and combined with other elements. What’s more, red nails can give women a sexy look. They can be printed to pair a black evening dress or a wine red

Black Nails with Rainbow Tape

14 Nail Tutorials with Tape Tricks

Do you know how to play tricks on your nail arts? You still don’t know how to create a nail art with colorful tape? Don’t worry. Today’s post is going to tell you the magic which the tapes play. Maybe you haven’t known the usage of the tape for nail ar

Mismatched Nails

16 Pastel Nail Designs You Must Have

When I was a child, I liked drawing pictures with pastel. Drawings in pastel bring a hazy vibe and give me a mystery feel. Though they are painted in pale delicate colors, they show the lovely images. Pastel can always give soft colors to us, so the pastel nai

Colored Galaxy Nails

17 Amazing Galaxy Nail Designs for the Season

Have you ever wondered why the galaxy is like that? Have you ever appreciated the moon and the stars at night? I love observing the sky in summer because I am obsessed with the bright stars and the deep dark sky. Every time I will dream of flying to the galaxy

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nail Tutorials You Won’t Miss

It’s a bright day again. Why not glam yourself prettily and step out confidently? To glam you up, don’t forget to polish your nails. A stylish nail art can spice up your look for sure, so it can be done before going out. Today’s post can help you get you

Pretty Nails

16 Fruit Nail Art Designs for Summer

When it’s summer, various fruits will be on sale. What fruits do you like best? I like watermelons and bananas. I decide to polish my nails with my favorite fruits. I am sure that they will be interesting and pretty on my nails. If you want to have a funny n

Tartan Nails

12 Latest Nail Tutorials for Beginners

You are still a beginner for nail art? Don’t worry! We pick up some stylish and latest nail art tutorials for you to practice in the post. The tutorials will tell you how to make a simple nail art through the step-by-step tutorials. You don’t need so many

Simple Print Nails

15 Pretty and Stylish Nail Art Designs for Girls

Mismatched nail art designs get more and more popular because they can satisfy you with several kinds of nail arts. Strapped nail arts can be paired with geometry nail arts or floral nail arts; glitter nail arts can be paired with animal print nail arts or hal

Kiss Design Nails

15 Pointy Nail Ideas You Must Have

Do you want to have a pointy nail art for a new season? Have no hesitation to check out today’s pointy nail ideas in the post. The post will offer some latest and stylish stiletto nail art ideas to every girl who wants to change a look for the nails. Actuall