Over the Knee Boots

12 Trendy Ways to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Have you found a pair of boots to complete your outfit? I bet over the knee boots should be the trendiest choice for girls this season. They look super cool and stylish and will be very comfy to wear. You can find them in every color and design on the net. Che

Red Rainy Boots

22 Super Chic Ways to Wear Rainy Boots

We are gonna have more and more rainy days as the fall has already come. Rainy boots show very important in such a season. Do you like wearing rainy boots? Fortunately, we can easily pair rainy boots with sweaters, dresses and trench coats for a fabulous look.

Boot Organization - Entryway

30 Clever Boot Storage Ideas

Tall boots are very essential for fall and winter seasons. They look trendy and cool when paired with jeans, dresses and trench coats. But it is really tricky when it comes to how to store them. Most of time, we’ll put them in the shoe cabinet with all the o

Formal Look

16 Fabulous Ways to Wear Sneakers

The sneakers play an essential part for our casual everyday look. They are very comfortable to wear and will work fabulously with the simple white top and ripped jeans. You must think of the famous Converse brand when it comes to the sneakers. The Converse sne

Pretty Outfit Idea with High Boots

Fall 2015 Fashionable Outfits with Over-knee Boots

Most of us will put on boots in winter but no every one would like to try the over-knee boots. Most of the time, this is because that women are not confident with their legs. Of course, long leg blondes will be gorgeous with a pair of over-knee boots. But this

Charlotte Olympia Hippy Kitty Velvet Slipper

15 Cute & Chic Flat Shoes for Early Fall

As summer is gradually going away, the new season is approaching nearly. Have you made good preparation for this new season? If not yet, just check out my previous posts. I have made many posts about the trendy fall outfit ideas. You could have a look and find

Fashionable Outfit Idea with Oxford Shoes

15 Faddish Ways to Wear Your Oxford Shoes

What are the best shoes for Fall and rainy days? Here we have a good answer for you: the Oxford Shoes. The Oxford shoes are comfortable to wear and they are effortlessly chic for women to combine various outfits. In addition, the height lengths of the shoes va

Stylish Fall Outfit Idea with Red Sneakers

Fall 2014 Comfortable and Chic Outfits with Sneakers

When days get cold, women gradually put away our cool sandals and put on more comfortable shoes. In Fall, the sneakers are no doubt the most popular shoes. Are you ready to make a trendy outfit with your sneaker shoes? Here, we will share with you some stunnin

Alberto Moretti Leopard Print Pumps

A Gallery of Stylish High Heels for Pump Lovers

All women should have at least one pair of qualified high heels. Such a pair of shoes would upgrade any of your outfits and create an effortlessly fashionable look for you. High heels may not be comfortable than the flat ones. But who cares? Women would like t

Colorful Sandals

DIY Projects: Pretty Summer Sandals

If you don’t have extra money to buy new pairs of summer sandals, why not browse through some DIY projects and make pretty summer sandals on your own. Today, we are going to introduce some useful DIY sandal projects to you. You can find many different styles

Effortlessly Chic Outfit Idea with Silver Sandals

Versatile Silver Shoes for Your Every Outfit

We know that a pair of good shoes is very important for a stylish outfit. Even if you have put on gorgeous clothes, your final look will appear strange and not so good with a pair of wrong shoes. So, why don’t you prepare some pairs of versatile shoes which

Floral Shorts and Wedges

Pretty Summer Styles with Wedges

Don’t you love to pair your summer look with a pair of wedges? We don’t think that you will resist the beauty and comfort of the wedges. Yes. When girls wear wedges, they look more feminine and ultra-pretty. So it’s nice for girls to glam a pair of wedge