12 Beauty Hacks for this Week

Today Prettydesigns continues to introduce some beauty hacks which no one may tell you before. We don’t think that you will miss the hacks. There are 12 hacks with steps in the post. Some clever tricks are super easy and they can be added to your week routin

20 DIY Body Butter to Have at Home

When the weather gets dry and cold, your skin requires moisture to keep nurture and soft. The beauty products can help you out. However, they may cost lots of money. Luckily, there are ways for us to save some money. Yes. Having DIY projects can be solutions.

15 Ways to Use Tea as Your Beauty Tips

What do you think of tea? Do you know that tea can change your beauty routine? If you don’t know much about tea for your beauty tips, you can stay with Prettydesigns and learn something useful for the beauty hacks. You may be doubt with the fact that tea or