15 Colorful DIY Mason Jars for Spring

When it is spring, I can’t wait to get everything colorful. I usually collect some Mason jars which were used last year and give some makeovers to them. I would like to add enough colors to the old jars in order to meet the spirit of spring.

I try to make my used jars into beautiful jar vases through some DIY projects. You know that DIY projects can always help me a lot. The results of the crafts can decorate my home very well. I put flowers into the colorful jar vases and the flower arrangements beautify the room successfully.

Today I will share some practical DIY projects with you. I don’t think you will miss them. You can browse through the post first and see how to recreate the old jars at home.

Pastel Jars
Pastel Jars via
Painted Mason Jars
Painted Mason Jars via
Colored Mason Jars
Colored Mason Jars via
Mason Jars
Mason Jars via
Ombre Mason Jars
Ombre Mason Jars via
Tinted Jars
Tinted Jars via
Wall Piece
Wall Piece via
Golden Mason Jars
Golden Mason Jars via
Recycled Glass Jars
Recycled Glass Jars via
Home Painted Mason Jar
Home Painted Mason Jar via
Mason Jar Vases
Mason Jar Vases via
DIY Colored Glass Jars
DIY Colored Glass Jars via
Sea Glass Vases
Sea Glass Vases via
Heart Shape Jars
Heart Shape Jars via
Shamrock Mason Jars
Shamrock Mason Jars via
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