15 Ideas to Make String Arts

Can a string create something stylish and cool? The answer must be yes. Even a simple string can make a perfect art if you learn some tricks about it. Don’t you believe that? Today prettydesigns will give you some string art ideas to check out. Browse through the post and get inspired.

String arts can be made as funny animal patterns, pretty flower patterns or simple letters. You can just use an used board, some linoleum nails and glue to make the string arts. It’s not hard for you but it requires several steps. More information can be found in the links.

You can make a string art as your home decoration, a gift for an event and so on. Get your hands busy and create your own string arts.

Joy String Art

Joy String Art
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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. Could you send me the directions on how you did the wrapping?! I have not tried string art before but I really want to make this! Thank you

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