16 DIY Projects: Heels for Spring

After welcoming February, we may prepare for the coming spring. Heels would be the must-have stuff for every warm season. Why not pull out all your heels and refashion them for the warm weather.

It’s a right time for girls to DIY some heel makeovers and to have several brand new heels. You can add sequins, pompoms and other pretty things to spice up your old heels. Also, you can use your nail polish to fix the scratching or change a new color for your shoes.

If you are a DIY addict, you won’t miss the projects. They will satisfy you with the results for sure. Browse through the post first and get inspired.

Black Heels with Pom Pom
Black Heels with Pom Pom via
Ombre Heels
Ombre Heels via
Neon Heels
Neon Heels via
DIY Studded Heels
DIY Studded Heels via
Stylish Sandals
Stylish Sandals via
Bow Heels
Bow Heels via
Glitter Heels
Glitter Heels via
Cap Toe Heels
Cap Toe Heels via
Tasseled Heels
Tasseled Heels via
Chain Heels
Chain Heels via
Jeweled Heels
Jeweled Heels via
Cap Toe Heels with Glitter
Cap Toe Heels with Glitter via
Feather Heels
Feather Heels via
Lace Heels
Lace Heels via
Beaded Sandals
Beaded Sandals via
Ruffle Heels
Ruffle Heels via
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