5 Effective Ways to Help a Busy Woman Remain Fit

Are you a busy working mom? Do you find it hard to keep fit while still working because of your busy schedule? It’s a challenge. I fall into the same category. But do you know what? The good news is here – there is no challenge without a solution.

I have come up with important points which will help you keep and stay fit always, despite your busy schedule. Let’s dive in:

1.Observe Your Sitting Posture

How you sit in the office can affect your body, either positively or negatively. Bad sitting posture can harm nearly every part of your body. (Back, legs, hips, elbows, neck)

Follow these rules when working with a computer:

  • Ensure your feet are leveled on the floor by making some adjustments on your chair
  • Sit upright without bending your back.
  • Tilt-back your chair at a viewpoint of 115 degrees
  • Keep the keyboard direct to the machine and very close to you, for a relaxed typing.
  • Ensure the screen is a few inches above your eye and direct in front of you
  • Avoid being so close to the monitor; sit 15 inches away.
  • Ease your shoulders
  • Maintain a keyboard-to-screen posture
  • Beware of any disruptive matters.


2. Take a lot of Water to Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is life. Do you believe it? How much water do you drink per day? The recommended amount of water you should take is eight glasses daily.

Water will help in the following:

  • Keeping your skin smooth
  • Reducing belly blot
  • Burning calories
  • Weight loss, for those who may want to lose some.

How will you know that you are taking enough water?

Take a look at your urine. If it’s not fairly clear, it indicates that you don’t take enough water. Your urine should be colorless, an indication that you take plenty and recommended water.

3.Come up With Goals

Setting a plan of what you want to achieve is vital to a working mom, as it is to any other organized individual. Goals can be short term or long term. The dreams or visions that you have also fall in this category of goals; so, write them down. Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.

S – Specific: If we want to succeed in our life we must know what we want, then go for it.

M – Measurable: Your goals must be measurable. You should be able to ask yourself these questions: How much do I need to achieve in this? How many stuffs do I need? How long will it take me to accomplish this? Will it be of benefit to me?

A – Attainable: Don’t set a goal that you can’t achieve, whether short or long.

R – Realistic: Be real. Set goals that outfit what benefits you in your present-day life phase.

T – Timely: Time is money. Time wasted is never recovered. Set the amount of time you need to attain a certain goal, be it short or long term.

To be successful in planning, you need to consider time. Have a deadline, which is the key principle to self-time-discipline.

Ladies, have a plan for whatever you want to do; then discipline yourself on the same, and you’ll be the happiest mommy in the world. Yes, try it.

4.Eat Healthily (Keep balanced diet)

Take thought of your eating schedule. How is it? Is it balanced or not? It would help if you took a balanced diet to keep your body fit and healthy.

Dear mommy, your kitchen should not lack the following:

  • Vegetables – cooked vegetables are good for our bodies, but the raw ones are the best.
  • Fruits – banana, oranges, avocado, apples, strawberry
  • Proteins – beans, eggs, fish, poultry
  • Carbohydrates – cereals and grains
  • Alternatives – cheese, milk, yogurt

Your lunch and dinner may be light, but ensure you take a heavy breakfast.

It would help if you didn’t skip any meals unless you are fasting or under a physician’s prescription.

5.Observe Body Exercise

You are a human being; not a machine, stone, or robot. Your body muscles need relaxation; this calls for exercise. Yes, it would help if you did exercise daily, regardless of your age. Don’t do any activity in your office for more than three hours without taking a break.  Be your coach as you practice the following, daily:

  • Walk 5min hourly to minimize sitting risks. (either in the office, or around the compound)
  • Take 15 – 20 min to do an activity you enjoy doing – could be running, skipping a rope, jogging, stretching your body up and down, etc.
  • Take a half hour to talk, or chat with friends – to break office work monotony.

Keeping your body relaxed and stretched helps reduce cramps during the menstrual flow and risks of getting illnesses.

Concluding Thoughts

God promises to bless the work of our hands; this tells us that we must work. The naked truth is that, if we don’t work, we invite poverty. We become beggars. Nobody wants to be poor or a beggar.

Dear ladies, either married or not, work hard to achieve your goals and manage your house. Men respect hard-working women. But bear in mind that as you work, you shouldn’t forget your body; it needs much care. Put into practice the above evidence-based tips to balance both your work and body. Stay fit. Remain successful.


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