Repairing Your Accessories At Home

When you have broken accessories, do you keep them without wearing them, just for old time’s sakes? Or do you throw them way or give them out? Maybe you run back to the shop where you bought that bag or piece of jewelry to have it fixed, at a cost. While some things cannot be fixed, you can fix some right at home and at no cost at all.

Repairing Your Accessories At Home


One accessory that you can repair at home is your plastic pair of sunglasses that have been stretched out of proportion.  If these are your favorite, you do not have to give them up just yet. Expose the sunglasses to heat by either placing them in hot water or using your hair dryer to melt up the frame.  Once the frame becomes malleable, you can start to shape it back to its original state.  Be sure not to overheat the frames and be ready to start reshaping the sunglasses as soon as they become flexible.


Has your necklace or chain pendant lost its initial bright charm and is now looking old and faded? You can still clad in it by simply polishing it up with readily available home-solutions. Dip a brush with soft bristles in warm water and slightly scrub the piece of jewelry. Be sure to add a small amount of detergent to the warm water for best results. If you are looking to clean silver pieces that have a basic form, place them in warm water and add a small amount of dishwashing detergent and domestic ammonia.


Restoring scratched leather at home is easy. If you have a great vintage bag or favorite leather boots that you cannot stand to throw away, you can treat them variously. However, you will have to test which method works out best for the type of leather that you are looking to treat. First, try using a small pint of white vinegar on a scratched leather shoe. White vinegar will cause the scratch to swell. Allow the vinegar to dry off and then use a colorless shoe polish to mask the scratched area. If you really have the guts, you can wait for the scratch to swell up and then use a felt –tip marker of the same color as your shoe to fill up the scratch.


To straighten up an unlined bag, wet a soft rag with white vinegar mixed in water and then wipe the bag’s interiors. The vinegar mixture will soften up the stiff bag allowing you to stuff the bag with papers to keep it firm.  For a lined bag, fill it in with printing paper and allow it to stand for a few days. Alternatively, you can simply start using it daily until it gets its shape back.


These are just a few tricks that you can use to quickly repair your favorite accessories at home. Do it yourself accessory repair is not only a resourceful way of using your free time, but it will also save you money.


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