8 Shoes Every Girl Should Have

Every woman loves shoes but do you have all the staples? Here are the 8 most important shoes a girl should own.

  • Black Boots:
    Black Boots
    Black Boots

    From over-the-knee to bootie you should have some type of black boot in your closet. It’s versatile so pair it with jeans, dresses, or skirts. They can function in both fall and winter or bust them out on a warmer evening on the town for an unexpected edgy look.

  • Ballet Flats:
    Ballet Flats
    Ballet Flats credit

    These shoes are essential to have. They are chic and can be paired with virtually anything! They are also great to have in case the heels become too much during the day.

  • Wedge:
    Wedge Shoes
    Wedge Shoes credit

    Wedges are great because they can be dressed up or down. They are easier to walk in than a typical heel and can carry you throughout you day with style. Wear to work with slacks or a party with a dress.

  • Canvas sneaker:
    Canvas sneaker
    Canvas sneaker buy

    You can’t go wrong with an everyday canvas sneak. For the days you are in a hurry they are comfortable yet chic and if messes come your way its nice to know they are washable. Jeans look great with these but skirts and dresses can create a different casual look.

  • Black Pump:
    Black Pump
    Black Pump buy

    Ladies, if you don’t have a black pump in your closet that must be changed! Although basic they have are sexy and can easily be taken from day to night.

  • Nude Pump:
    Christian Louboutin Nude Pump
    Christian Louboutin Nude Pump buy

    Just like their cousin the black pump, nude pumps are a basic that, although less sexy, are still great to wear from day to night.

  • Basic Sandal:
    Leather Miller Sandal
    Leather Miller Sandal buy

    These are meant for the lazy days when you just need something to wear. They are functional, comfortable and sturdy.

  • Shoes that make you smile:
    Lastly every girl should have a pair of shoes that makes her smile every time she wears them. Even if they aren’t the most practical pair at least they make you happy.
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