How to dress like your favorite TV characters

How to Dress Like Your Favorite TV Characters

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing better than occasionally putting your feet up and binging on your favorite TV show. Perhaps, like us, you’ve even been guilty of planning to watch one episode of the latest drama on Netflix and then, before you know it, a

19 Ways to Wear Your Knee-high Boots

How can you resist a pair of knee-high boots for the seasons? Knee-high boots can fit your fall and winter outfits. It can not only lengthen the lines of your legs, but also add a prettier vibe for your look. Today prettydesigns will show you 19 ways to glam a

Blue Bow Heels

Bows Make Pretty Shoes: DIY Projects

We always want to buy a new pair of shoes for every season. However, new pairs of shoes cost a lot and maybe they aren’t considered in our budget. We should think about some useful solutions. DIY projects offer convenience to our girls. Today we continue to

Embellish Blouse

16 DIY Ideas to Make Everything Shine

There are 16 ideas offered here for the new season. You can pull out your old stuff and clean them, getting ready for these DIY projects. DIY ideas can always help save money. You can have something new as well as beautiful without spending too much money on t

5 Shoes for Pairing Your V-neck Sweater

What is the color of your V-neck Sweater? No matter how colorful your V-neck Sweater is, it should be paired with a pair of shoes. The V-neck Sweater reveals the natural beauty of women. It not only lengthens ones neck, but also adds the charm of collarbones.

Ballet Flats

8 Shoes Every Girl Should Have

Every woman loves shoes but do you have all the staples? Here are the 8 most important shoes a girl should own. Black Boots: From over-the-knee to bootie you should have some type of black boot in your closet. It’s versatile so pair it with jeans, dresses,

Angie Harmon's Patterned Pointy Flats

6 Casual Flats You Should Not Miss This Season

It’s the time that we pack up the high heels and go back on the ground. There are 6 best flats for you to relax your feet. You can shop as long as you want, owning these 6 causal flats. The flats are ballerina-inspired, menswear-inspired or sneakers-inspired