Celebrities Tell You How to Make Your Outfit All About the Hat

We all admit that the hats are really being able to add a practical dose of styles to any outfit look. From the comfy slouch beanie to menswear inspired wide-brim fedora, all of them could be a big bonus for a dressed-up style. If you are not sure about this, just check out what the celebrities did with their stylish hats!

Celebrities Tell You How to Make Your Outfit All About the Hat
Celebrities Tell You How to Make Your Outfit All About the Hat

If you are a preppie who wants to try out the lady-like fedora, have a look at how Jessica Alba did with her blue-hued wide-brim hat. With the street style sweater and a plaid top, the final look shows so friendly and effortlessly cool. When you’re wearing all black like Rita Ora, then you’d better try some bold prints to spice up the dull monochromatic palette. Besides, the famous model Heidi Klum shows us another way to do with the classic fedora, just go for its jaunty cousin – the porkpie hat. It’s also outfit-wise at the same time.

As to the tomboyish beanies, we can deal with it just like Candice Swanepoel’s model-off-duty style. The black tights and military anorak can be easily found in your winter wardrobe. A merlot or neon-hued beanie will make your hat an essential accessory rather than an afterthought in spring.


Jessica Alba's Wide-brim Fedora
Jessica Alba’s Wide-brim Fedora


Candice Swanepoel's model-off-duty style sloutch beanie
Candice Swanepoel’s model-off-duty style sloutch beanie


Rita Ora's Floppy Leopard Hat
Rita Ora’s Floppy Leopard Hat


Sienna Miller' s knit merlot beanie
Sienna Miller’ s knit merlot beanie


Heidi Klum's Porkpie Hat
Heidi Klum’s Porkpie Hat


Sarah Jessica Parker's nubby hat
Sarah Jessica Parker’s nubby hat


Cara Delevingne's neon-hued beanie
Cara Delevingne’s neon-hued beanie


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