How to Do Evening Makeup? Simple Recommendations

A distinctive feature of the evening makeup are causing bright colors that give your image shine and beautiful appeal of the day. These colors should look great just in artificial light in the evening or night. All focus should be directed on to give maximum expressive eyes and lips. Ideal caused evening makeup should be in harmony with your clothes, accessories and hairstyle.

How Do Evening Makeup
Evening Makeup

In the process of creating the image of your evening makeup can give free rein to your  imagination and to experiment with different colors to show your style and express your mood. But there are still a few rules for applying evening makeup observance of which will help you look spectacular and be in the spotlight.

As a basis for evening makeup choose a concealer. Competently picked tonal basis helps to ensure that makeup stays fresh for a long time, and corrects skin imperfections and evens the complexion. Color tone is to be selected depending on the brightness. If it was brighter then choose the light color, if it was darker then the shade should be foundation.

To fix the tone would be the best powder crumbly structure that is best applied to the skin, emphasizing its natural smoothness. Powder should be the lighter shade base and evenly distributed over the skin of your best one with a broad brush.

When applying shadows in evening makeup must adhere to the following sequence:

– Eyebrows are allocated using a pencil or shadow to light shades of blonde beauties, dark shades – for dark haired;

– Forever stand by using shadows of bright hues that accentuate the shape of the eye, giving them maximum expressiveness;

– To give a festive makeup apply eyeliner around the eye area.

For uniformity of application of mascara to the eyelashes they should be lightly pre-powdered. To get the long eyelashes and fluffy mascara should be applied with a smooth brush with uniform motion from the root to the tips. In order to make look great appeal is allowed to stick a few false eyelashes at the outer edge of eyes.

When applying lipstick on your lips it should be more expressive if eye makeup is made ​​in soft colors. Otherwise, focus on the lips is not emphasized. For evening makeup is perfect lipstick saturated colors such as hot pink or red.

At the final stage of evening makeup to create a compelling image, always use blush. They are applied in a thin layer on the cheeks with a brush. Blush color should be brighter and more saturated than the daily makeup.

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