Everything You Need To Build The Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit


So you got the guy, you got the ring, and you have already begun your wedding planning right? But maybe you don’t have the most organized system. You need that one area, location, wedding COMMAND CENTER, if you will. What you need is the Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit, and I am going to share with you all the supplies you need in order to build that kit up!

Now, you may be reading this, and look over all my steps and think, “whoa this girl is crazy. that is too much” and you know what…you may be right. But this is the best system that I came up with to keep ALL of my planning necessities in one spot. With this kit, it is so convenient for me to take my planning with me whenever and wherever I want.

I love going to the local coffee shop (you know the cute hipster ones where they give you your coffee in a mug and draw pictures with the foam?), with their relaxing music and great coffee, it is the perfect environment for planning your perfect wedding!

Sometimes I go to the park and get some fresh air while I am planning as well! With these supplies in this kit, it makes going anywhere so easy – and the best part? I never forget anything! I am probably one of the most forgetful people you will ever meet. I tend to put things down and forget where I laid them (for example: once when at Target with my friends, I put my phone down three different times in the clothes department and walked away without it).

So, I love the system I came up with to keep everything organized, and hopefully you will be able to find some useful tips in here as well! Maybe you will love having a mobile command center, or maybe you just need a few more ideas on planning supplies to collect. Whatever the case may be, it’s all right here for you! Enjoy!

Everything You Need To Build The Ultimate Wedding Planning Kit:


#1: The Planning Binder

It does not necessarily have to be a Binder, it can also be the checklist you may have! However if you do not have a binder, I would suggest getting some type of binder or folder to put things in! If you are interested, I will do a whole blog post on how to create your own DIY Wedding Planning Binder (leave me a comment below if you would like to see this!).

My binder has different tabs for each area of planning, so I have a spot to keep my Venue contract, my photographers information, upcoming payments, things like that! This is something you absolutely want to have with you when planning, because this is basically the mother board of your wedding planning!


If you do not have a binder, nor do you want a binder, then that is OK! Maybe just keep a small folder with you that includes: your wedding planning checklist, budget planner, payment tracker, vendor information, and any important contracts.


#2: Wedding Magazines or Books

While I am a huge Pinterest Junkie, there are sometimes where I am stranded with no service, or worse – a dyeing phone battery! In this case I can not sit and surf Pinterest or Instagram or anything else. In these situations, I rely on my handy dandy magazines for beautiful pictures and lots of inspiration! My magazines are filled with dog ears, circles, and highlight marks for quick referencing to ideas that I really liked. If I really really enjoy the whole page in the magazine, I just tear it out for the quickest reference possible!


#3: Calendar, Scissors, Post-It Notes, Stapler, And Hand Sanitizer

All of these things are pretty self explanatory, but they might also be things that aren’t thought of until you actually need them! So go ahead and throw them in there!

You can either use a planner, or you can do what I did and just download cute monthly calendars off of Pinterest, and then staple it in to a folder, and there you go! You have a monthly calendar that cost you no money at all! Now use it to jot down all of those important dates mentioned in your planning timeline, that way you never miss a deadline!

Post-it notes are great to have for when you want to jot down a quick idea you have, a wedding DIY you’d like to do or even something you want to remind yourself! I always write them down and then stick them to my monthly calendar so I wont forget!

Scissors are great for when you need to cut things out (obviously), or just to have handy when you are completing a project!

The hand sanitizer is very useful! Over the next few months leading up to your wedding you will be meeting all kinds of vendors, which means you will be shaking lots of hands! You will also likely go to multiple cake and catering tastings in order to find your menu, in which case you would  want clean hands before you touch your food!

Pouch, Pens, Pencils And Highlighters

#4: Pouch With Pens, Pencils, and Highlighters

This is another one that is exactly what it sounds like, but it is a good idea to have pens and pencils with you at all times! Whether you need to sign contracts, or write down ideas you are having, they are a must! And highlighters are great for when you are looking through your books, magazines or even contracts, and you want to make something important stand out!

Reciept File, Notepad. Blank Note Cards And Thank You Cards

#5: Notepad, Receipt File, Blank Note Cards and Thank You Cards

I have a notepad with me for writing checklists or to-do lists. Now, you can obviously get away with just using your post-it notes to write these things. However, I like to have the notepad with me because there is just more space to write. My notepad is also an unlined notebook, which is great for doodling or sketching! I am not an artist, but sometimes I do have a certain image or look in my mind for a centerpiece set up, or even chalkboard signs I want to make, so I will just draw it out!

The Receipt file is awesome to have to organize your receipts for each month of spending leading up to the wedding. This way you can accurately keep up with your budget, and where you are spending what!

I love having blank cards or thank you cards with me, because you never know when you meed to write one! You might be on your way to a party that someone is throwing for you, and you want to have a thank you card ready to write for them. I also like to have blank cards to give to my bridesmaids when we meet up just telling them how grateful I am for them, or maybe to give them more information I want them to have.



#6: As Many Folders As Possible

I love folders! Like, every time we go to Target, I buy some. It might actually be a problem! You can use any type of folders you have! My favorite ones to use are the super cute file folders you can get from the Target Dollar spot! They come in all sorts of cute designs, with three of them for a dollar! But you can even buy a handful of them for a couple bucks in the office supply section!


I have these on hand to hold any loose papers that I may have. I have three file folders in my kit with me right now. One I use to hold magazine clippings I tear out, notes I take from the wedding books, and also swatches of bridesmaid dresses I am looking at! In the other folder I keep printed things that I need to use for DIY projects I have planned! And in the last folder, I put anything that I am given that I want to hole-punch and put in my binder!

I also used one of the file folders to staple my calendar in, and it looks really cute and works like a charm!


#7: The Bag To Hold It All Together

Last but not least, I have the bag! Now, you can use a bag if you want, which would keep it very mobile, or you can just set everything up in the corner of your desk.

The bag that I use is perfect for holding all of these things! It is a Thirty-one bag that was actually given to me as a gift when I graduated high school. It has nine or so pockets around the edges that are perfect for holding all of the little goodies and supplies. And the large, wide center pocket is the perfect size for holding the binder, folders, and magazines! It is also large enough for me to slip my laptop in when I need to bring that along as well!

placing-things-in-bag putting-supplies-in

And just stick everything inside! And you are good to take your wedding planning on the go!

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