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26 Popular Ombre Bob Hairstyles – Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Dyeing your hair a completely new color that you’ve never tried before can be a little nerve wracking. If you’re a brunette, but you want to try going blonde, it’s possible to be unsure especially if you don’t want to risk spending lots of money to get it done. Or, you could be all about being bold and you’re just looking for new ways to go wild with your hair color. Either way, here are the latest popular ombre bob hairstyles and popular ombre hair colour ideas for you to choose from.

Blonde with Dark Roots

Ombre bob hairstyle for short hair: Go for a little brown on the top of your head and little the rest blonde. For an extra little something, leave a little spot on the bottom at the back brown like the top of your head. This is known as a peekaboo highlights.

Chic asymmetrical ombre bob hairstyle for short hair


Four colours in one: black, brown, silver, and blue. This is the best look if you’re an outgoing bold type. You don’t even have to go with blue. You can pick your favourite colour to replace the blue with it! It’s one of those looks that really give you free reign.

short ombre bob haircut for black women

Grey Ombre with Blunt Bangs

Ombred long bob hairstyle with blunt bangs: lob – Grey hair isn’t for old people anymore. Grey hair has become one of the most popular hair colors for younger men and women this year. Go for the dark grey on top and go light on the bottom. For extra oomph, get some blunt bangs to go with it. You’ll be the most edgy you’ve ever been.

short straight ombre bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Dark Brown to Blonde Ombre

Short soft curly hairstyle: For those unsure if blonde is right for you, this is a step in the right direction. Start from the bottom to the top. Slowly work your way into seeing if blonde is a right color choice for you.

Cute short curly ombre bob hairstyle for fall

Face Framing Ombre Bob

When wearing a chin length bob, frame your face better by taking a flat iron and gently bringing the ends inward to create a wave. Choose your ombre – brown to blonde or just about any combo you can think of!

Most popular graduated dark to blonde ombre bob hairstyle for female

Dark Chocolate Ombre

This ombre look is an interesting one since it doesn’t look like your typical style due to the heavy curls. But this is good since sometimes, you want to stand out a little bit more. Having your layers cut in different lengths and curling them at different lengths will help you achieve this look.

Instagram / ellaschair

Two-toned Red

The other red ombres went from purple red, to orange, and then to another lighter colour on the fire spectrum, but this one is simply just two colors – A darker red to a more fiery copper red.

red ombre bob hairstyle back view
Instagram /

Ombre Bob with Deep Side Part

Give yourself the mysterious sexy look by moving a handful of hair to one side of your head, covering your eye. With straight and sleek hair, this gives off the vibe of the mysterious woman.

ombre long bob lob hairstyle for medium straight hair

Fiery Curls – Red to Orange to Blonde Ombre

Lots of ombres are just two colours, but this one has three. Fire itself has various shades of red and orange and this style is a great way of replicating that. This particular ombre goes from a purple-red to orange to blonde.

layered red to blonde ombre wavy bob haircut for thick hair

Ombre Bob with a Touch of Pink

If you want to add a little unique color to your typical brown and blonde ombre, add a little pink to the ends of your hair. It’s cute, fun, and a great way to add a bit of color without feeling too self conscious about having pink on your head.

Trendy short angled ombre bob hairstyle for black women

Subtle Ombre

This is an ombre hair color idea that is much more subtle than the other ones. As you can see, there is significantly less brown compared to the others. This is a great way of trying out the ombre style if you’re new to it.

brunette to blonde ombre bob hairstyle with layers

Fiery Ombre Reborn

This is another take on the fire hair colour. The orange is much brighter and more neon than the others which have been more subdued. If you want to be the Mockingjay or The Girl On Fire, try this out.

red to orange lob hairstyle for medium straight hair

Kylie Jenner Ombre Hair

Kylie Jenner is the hot topic in Hollywood and many people want to copy her entire look from her hair, clothes, and makeup. Her blue on black has been her most popular look. If you’re a fan of her, you may want to consider this look. If not, blue on black is still an amazing colour combination anyway.

pastel hair color - Short dark to blue ombre bob hairstyle for women

Blunt Bangs, Wispy Layers

Give the bottom half of your hair, or the blonde ombre part of your hair, some small curls and curl them out, not in. Bangs are also in now, so give yourself a blunt one length fringe to go with it. This is a cute hairstyle for going on a coffee date!

Medium length ombre bob cut with blunt bangs

Fiery Ombre with Red

Bring a little fire in your life, but not the real kind. Stick to having a color that resembles it on your head. It’s safer. A dark to light neon red is a great, fun color to wear.

dark to red ombre bob hairstyle for thick hair

Chocolate Brown Ombre

Short bob hairstyle with glasses: A dark brown and blonde look good together and provide a really nice contrast, but it doesn’t always blend together like it should. Opt for a medium brown to go with a darker blonde for a nice transition.

chic short ombre bob hairstyle with glasses

A-Line Ombre Bob

Easy daily haircut for short hair – the ombre bob cut. To add more to your fresh ombre colour, consider a layered a-line cut. Make sure to not forget the back and ask for lots of layers for extra body.

Cute short graduated ombre bob cut

Mostly Brown Ombre bob haircut for short hair

African American short haircut ideas – the trendy straight ombre bob cut. Remember when the pink was on the ends of the hair a few pictures ago? This is the same idea, but with all natural hair colours instead of something bright and bold. These are similar to blonde peekaboo highlights to give a little pep in your step.

Jourdan Dunn sleek bob cut

Simple One Length Cut with Ombre

Classic bob cut with trendy hair color: This is a simple one length, shoulder length cut with a middle part that is very low maintenance. For extra boldness, go with another version of a firey ombre. This time, it has more of a dark purple-red with very little orange on the ends.

short ombre bob hairstyle for 2016

The Best Ombre Transition

The transition of this ombre is so well done that it almost doesn’t look like an ombre. The ombre looks more to be on the inside than one the outside. This is a good way to make it subtle in case you’re mostly in an environment that would rather you have one hair colour.

back to school ombre bob hairstyle for short hair

Brown to Blonde

This brown to blonde ombre is done with three different shades: dark brown, middle brown, and then blonde. Add some curls to your look for something cute, flirty, and romantic. To make the curls more interesting, curl some in and curl some out.

layered short ombre bob haircut for thick hair

Crimped Curl with Ombre

You might only remember this if you grew up in the 90s, but during that time, lots of girls crimped their hair instead of curled it. Lots of the “curls” look like an indent instead of a typical round and luscious curl. This is similar except it looks much, much better. Obtain this look by using a two inch or bigger curling wand and grab one and a half to two inch sections and wrap it around once in the middle. Keep in place with hairspray.

wavy ombre bob hairstyle for thick hair
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Romantic Waves Brown to Blonde

Get that romantic girl next door look with these beautiful waves. This style is perfect for any feminine woman who loves her curls.

longer ombre bob hairstyle for thin hair
Instagram / hairbyjessica_

Short Bob Ombre

Style this brown and blonde bob – give it a little poof by running your hands through it and setting it with a little spray. It’s cute and can be done in seconds!

Simple easy short ombre bob haircut for women

Edgy Ombre

This ombre looks like your typical brown and blonde ombre, but if you look closely, you can see some blue peeking through. This is a great way to add in a little colour that isn’t too obvious. Give the style a little extra something by moving a few strands back. Make sure to lock it in with hairspray so it doesn’t move back to the front.

short ombre bob hair style for summer

Next time you go the salon, pick your next hairstyle from this list. With many cuts, styles, and colors, there’s bound to be one that’s right for you.  Get creative and combine the colors yourself – the combinations are endless!

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