Long Wavy Blonde Hair

15 Most Charming Blonde Hairstyles for 2021

Long blond hairstyle is once believed to be the most attractive hairstyle for women. It always reminds us of the most famous and sexiest American actress Marilyn Monroe. She has been the ideal lover for most men for a very long time. Is this light shade color

Trendy Hair Color Ideas - Blonde & Black Hairstyles

Trendy Hair Color Ideas – Blonde & Black Hairstyles

Blonde and black hairstyles started with rock stars who wanted a look that was totally different and unconventional.  And now that unconventionality is the key look for the 21st century, blonde and black hairstyles are becoming main-stream for lots of trendy

Blonde Bob Hairstyle for Mid-length Hair

12 Charming Blonde Hairstyles

It will be an easy task to find a charming blond hairstyle, as all the blond hairstyles are so beautiful for women. Well, we can make this task much easier for you here with this post. We’ve collected up several charming blonde hairstyles for all hair length

Blonde Hairstyle for Short Hair

19 Amazing Blonde Hairstyles for All Hair Length

Blond hairstyles look so charming and sassy for women. I bet you still remember how popular the short pixie was last year. Whether you are having long hair, medium hair or short hair, there is always a perfect blond hairstyle for you to get a stylish look in t

Jennifer Aniston Medium Layered Hairstyle: 2013 - 2014 Hairstyle Trends

Blonde Color Ideas for Fall

With all of the Blonde trends that have been making the rounds this year, it can be a nearly insurmountable task to decide which way to turn- given all the great looks there are to choose from! We will cover many of them here with the hope that you will be abl