5 Tips on How To Achieve Perfect Freestyle Winged Eyeliner


Winged eyeliner sharp enough to pierce the soul”: This statement summarizes the ultimate goal for beauty lovers who are courageous enough to attempt the ever-rising trend of winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner, when applied correctly, can create a sophisticated and dramatic look that can be worn every day or only on special occasions, depending on your beauty preferences.

However, winged eyeliner can seem like an insurmountable achievement for beauty beginners or even those who have been experimenting with makeup for quite a while. It can be extremely difficult to apply winged eyeliner sharply and evenly enough to create the appearance you originally desired. While winged eyeliner should make you feel confident and gorgeous, it frequently leaves you feeling frustrated and disappointed.

Fortunately, there are three simple tips you can use when attempting this trend to achieve perfect winged eyeliner that meets all of your expectations and wows everyone you meet.

1. Use Eyeshadow First



One of the most frustrating elements of winged eyeliner application is being forced to remove the eyeliner and start again after inevitably messing up. This process of removal and reapplication can be extremely harmful to the delicate skin around the corners of your eyes and can eventually lead to redness, itchiness, and painful sores.

An easy way to improve the appearance of winged eyeliner and minimize the pain of the removal and reapplication process is to fill in the area with eyeshadow first. Before you apply winged eyeliner, trace the area where you want the eyeliner to go with eyeshadow in a shade that closely matches that of your eyeliner. If you mess up and have to remove it, eyeshadow is generally much easier to remove than eyeliner and requires less rubbing and scrubbing that is harmful to your skin. Plus, tracing your eyeliner area with eyeshadow before application can help you achieve a sharper, more even line and can prevent your eyeliner from smudging and fading throughout the day.

2. Trace It



A common way to apply winged eyeliner is by pulling the liner out past the edge of the eye and then gradually thickening the line until you’ve achieved your desired look. However, this method of application can lead to increased slip-ups, lines that are crooked or too thick, and uneven liner that doesn’t match on both eyes.

A more effective way for discouraged beginners (and even frustrated winged eyeliner experts) to ensure an even and sharp application is to trace an outline of the liner first. Start from the edge of your eye and trace an angled line upwards into a point and connect it back to the origin of the original line. Then, simply fill in the open space between the two lines with eyeliner and voila! You’ll achieve a perfect, sharp wing every time.

3. Don’t Give In To Gimmicks



Many winged eyeliner application tips recommend using tape, a spoon, or a variety of other household items when applying winged eyeliner to increase the sharpness and evenness of the liner. However, while these quick-fix tips may seem irresistibly tempting after a few failed attempts at applying winged eyeliner, they are almost always more trouble than they are worth. More often than not, they are ineffective and only cause your winged eyeliner to come out looking worse than it did after a freestyle application. Furthermore, some of these gimmicks, such as using tape to achieve a straight application of eyeliner, can irritate the sensitive skin directly around your eyes and lead to unattractive redness and sores.

It is much better to practice freestyle winged eyeliner application until you master it rather than try to simplify the process by using gimmicky tricks. In the long run, your makeup skills will improve through freestyle application and you will eventually be able to apply your winged eyeliner more quickly with just your hand than you ever could by using tape or a spoon.

4. Use a Felt Pen



It can be helpful for winged eyeliner application to use a liquid eyeliner felt pen rather than a standard liquid eyeliner with a brush or wand applicator. Standard liquid eyeliners can be difficult for beauty beginners to control and apply evenly. Plus, they take longer to dry than felt pen eyeliner, which leaves more time for your winged eyeliner to smudge or run. Using a felt pen eyeliner can help you trace your winged eyeliner more easily and achieve a sharper and more even look.

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5. Rest Your Elbow



It is much easier to apply winged eyeliner more steadily and evenly if you rest your elbow on whatever flat surface is in front of your mirror. Resting your elbow while applying winged eyeliner can help your hand remain steady and prevent you from ending up with crooked or uneven lines.

Winged eyeliner application is renowned as one of the most difficult makeup trends to perfect. However, by using the simple tips outlined above, you can quickly and easily improve the appearance of your winged eyeliner and progress down the path to achieving perfect winged eyeliner every time.

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