Top 10 Best Eyeliner Pens 2024

It is necessary for girls to have an eyeliner pen. A right eyeliner pen can create bigger eyes, so it is must-have tool for every makeup lover. There are kinds of eyeliner pens to choose. Sometimes it is a little hard for you to pick up your favorite eyeliner pen. However, eye makeup is important to make a perfect finish. It is time to check out what you can choose for your eyeliner pens. Here is the list.

10. MEXI Makeup Waterproof Leopard Shell Liquid Eye Liner Eyeliner Pen Cosmetic

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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The eye liner pen is ranked No. 10. One small bottle includes liquid eye liner and eyeliner pen. It can be used by professional makeup lovers. It is easy to carry and use when you go out. The bottle can provide you with two ways of defining your eye liners.

It is convenient for girls to draw different eyeliners for different events. The product is low in price but make efforts on creating bigger and charming eyes. Also, it is waterproof so how can you miss this wonderful MEXI Makeup Waterproof Leopard Shell Liquid Eye Liner Eyeliner Pen?

9. obmwang New Waterproof Eye Liner Eyeliner Shadow Gel Makeup Cosmetic + Brush Black

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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It is another waterproof makeup product from Obmwang. It is not a black pen but an eyeliner shadow gel. The dark gel keeps your eyeliners lasting longer. Use this waterproof eyeliner shadow gel after drawing your eyeliner by a pen. You will find the more beautiful eyeliners finally.

If you choose the product, you will get an eyeliner brush to help make perfect liner as well. The gel is smooth enough to be applied against the eye lids; it is also black deep so that it can make bigger eyes. Try to keep your eyeliners longer with this product.

8. Italia Eyeliners Set of 12

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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Do you like your eyeliners in different colors? There is a set of 12 colorful liner pens in super low price here. The set is going to give girls vivid colors for their eyes. Pastel colors can be applied in warm or hot seasons while deep colors can go with your evening dress.

You can pick up one or two pens of them with you for various events. The eyeliners are smooth and creamy. It is easy to blend. You will have bright metallic colors with these eyeliners. What’s more, you will pay less than $10 to have 12 eyeliner pens with stunning colors. Check them out.

7. 12pcs Nabi Retractable Waterproof Black Eyeliner (Wholesale Lot)



Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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It is easy for a girl to break her eyeliner or use up the pen. Girls always need several eyeliners in their pockets. So 12pcs Nabi Retractable Waterproof Black Eyeliner will be your best choice. There are 12 pieces for eyeliners. You can keep three of them and send the other ones to your friends.

The product is retractable and waterproof. It’s smooth enough to blend easily. The retractable design is convenient for you to use. The price is also reasonable for those 12 eyeliners. Use this eyeliner and try the dark black liners for your eye makeup next time.


6. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Smoldering Liner, 645 Black, 0.09 Ounce

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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This Voluminous Smoldering Liner is from L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris always devote to help create beauty products. The pencil liner is good to define the eyes and create a charming eye makeup to every woman. This voluminous smoldering pencil liner is soft and creamy so that it can prevent the skin of the eyes from harm. The product includes a pencil sharpener in order to keep the liner in a good shape when being applied.

It is super easy to use pencil liner because it can be sharpened in different shapes and it will give different dramatic eye looks for you. Never be afraid to use pencil liner. If you do never use one, you can try this one in the list.

5. CoverGirl Queen Collection Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner Black Onyx 200, 1 Count

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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It is a special black eyeliner. There are different tips on both sides. The black tips is self-sharpening while the other tip is a soft smudger. The self-sharpening tip can be used easily to glide a perfect line for the eyes. The smudging tip will make a perfect blending as well.

The product is under $10. It is in low price but it is versatile. If you are tired of pencil liner, you can try this one. It is easy to carry and use. You don’t need to take a sharpener with you any more. Try it and it will satisfy you finally.

4.  L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner, Black, 0.008 Ounces

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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L’Oreal Paris produces another soft and creamy eyeliner for women. The product also has the sharpening tip as well as the smudging tip. It’s versatile. The creamy formula of it can keep the makeup last longer. It is easy to use and carry it as well.

This product guarantees that the effortless eyeliner will last 16 hours. It creates better lines precisely due to its high quality and it will satisfy you with its designs. The advanced mechanical liner makes your eye makeup more easy and lasting.

3. Silvercell Makeup Black Waterproof Eyeliner Liquid Eyeliner Pen Pencil Cosmetic

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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The liquid eyeliner can bring you better makeup. It is used normally nowadays because the liquid liner can make easy blending perfectly. This black waterproof liquid eyeliner is from Silvercell. It is long lasting and smooth. The color looks good all day long.

The liquid pen will help make better eyes and define your eyes well. The looks with the liquid pen can fit various makeup styles. The product can make a nicer look whether you draw the long line or the short line. Try the liquid eyeliner instead of the pencil one this summer!

2.Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner

Top 10 Eyeliner Pens for Girls

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It is amazed that Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner can last for 24 hours for your daily makeup. It is also smudge proof and waterproof product. This black gel can be applied by the eyeliner brush precisely. It is easy to blend with the gel eyeliner. The smudge proof , waterproof and oil-free formula guarantees the high performance for the product.

The gel gives every woman a dramatic look with its concentrated pigment. Only gentle strokes can make a beautiful line. Try to make thicker and longer eyeliner with the product. You will see how magical it is.

1. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner

Top 10 Best Eyeliner Pens

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Here comes the liquid eyeliner again. This time the product is from Maybelline. It is an eyeliner pen under $10. Maybelline has a great design for this liquid eyeliner. It will not get dry as well as skips. The line can be glided intensely and fluently. The high concentrated ink can be worn for 12 hours. The look can be kept fresh all the time.

The great felt tip can create vivid lines to meet the needs. Start from your inner part of your lids and then define the outward part. You can decide what kind of eye lines you are going to glide.

If you want to draw good eyeliners, you will have a useful pen to play the magic. Actually, you can learn some tricks to your eyeliner drawing. When you want to have natural makeup for daily life, you can use a Q-tip to blend your eyeliners. You can’t even need to apply eyeshadows. Find out your magical pen and begin to make pretty eye makeup.

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