How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days

Everyone strives for that coveted, perfectly-toned backside that looks great in everything from jeans to a string bikini. However, actually toning your booty to perfection can seem like an overwhelming feat. If you want to get a firmed, toned backside quickly, keep reading to learn how to tone your booty in seven days.

1. Run Hills

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


If you’re a runner, you can maximize your runs to make them more effective at toning your booty. Do this by incorporating hills into your runs. Running in general engages your butt muscles and helps tone your booty.

However, running up and down hills keeps your butt muscles more actively engaged and builds more muscles in order to strengthen and grow your booty more quickly.

2. Go For Walks

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


Taking a brisk walk keeps the muscles in your butt engaged and helps strengthen and tone them. Try making a thirty to sixty-minute walk a part of your daily routine. It’s fun, stress-reducing, and is effective at toning your booty without forcing you into regular rigorous cardio.

3. Do Squats Right

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


Squats shouldn’t be the only thing you do to tone your booty, but they are definitely effective. However, when you do squats, it’s important to do them right in order to maximize their effectiveness at growing and toning your booty.

When you do squats, always keep your back straight, your hips back, and your knees in line with your feet as you slowly bend your knees and straighten them again.

4. Try Yoga

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


Holding yoga poses can help you strengthen and tone your backside. Yoga is a great way to get some booty-toning exercise into your daily routine without having to perform rigorous cardio or strength-training exercises. Plus, yoga can help you relax and balance your mind and spirit as well.

5. Shift Your Diet

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


If you’re really serious about toning your backside, try incorporating certain foods into your daily diet that have been proven to help you plump and tone your booty. These super foods include raw, fresh foods high in protein and good cholesterol such as mixed nuts, eggs, lean beef, and vegetables.

6. Incorporate Weights

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


Incorporating weights into your butt-toning workouts can help maximize the exercises you perform and allow you to get increased benefits out of every workout. This doesn’t mean that you have to hold twenty-pound dumbbells every time you work out. Start small with five to seven-pound weights. Even these small weights can maximize your workout without overwhelming you.

7. Stand Up

How to Tone Your Booty in Seven Days


Much to every proud couch potato’s dismay, sitting down for long periods of time throughout the day has been proven to expand your backside (and not in a good way). If you work in an office or have a routine that includes hours of sitting down, it can be difficult to get enough standing time to keep your butt tight and toned.

Whenever you can, try to opt for standing up instead of sitting down. While working at your computer, choose to stand in front of your desk rather than sit in your chair. If you do have to sit for an extended period of time throughout the day, set your timer for thirty minutes . Every time the timer goes off,  take a short, brisk walk around your home or office building.

Toning your booty doesn’t have to take months of hard work and thousands of tedious squats. The next time you’re feeling motivated to take on a fitness challenge, use the tips in this post to learn how to tone your booty in seven days and see real results in one week or less.

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