Top 10 Best Blushers You Must Have 2024

After saying goodbye to winter, spring and summer will come soon. The world will be full of colors due to the lovely sun and the clear sky. What do you think of the color of spring and summer? Pink? Pale orange?Or other colors? It is the right time for girls to show their checks with adorable blushers for the new seasons. What are you going to take for your next spring or summer makeup? Here is a list for you to check out the top 10 blushers.


10. Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush


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Do you want to have a natural makeup for daily look? You must have a natural blush plate. An easy Physicians Formula blush palette is introduced to the list. The palette can offer you ultra-natural look for the next event.

This blush palette includes mirror and essential brush. However you can use the large brush to apply the product to your checks. The product is good for all skin types. It will glow and will complete the look perfectly. It is also easy for you to blend. The natural color will satisfy you at last.

9. e.l.f. Baked Blush


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The product is baked in an oven and it will provide you with healthy, smooth and shimmering makeup. This baked blush mainly contains natural ingredients, jojoba, rose, sunflower, apricot and grape, which is rich in nourishment. Applying this blush can improve the tone of your face. The blush can create peachy checks everyday.

It is a small palette for girls. No matter where you go, you can carry it and use it easily. The pigmentation of the product is great and it can shape your face perfectly this summer.

8. Maybelline New York Fit Me


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Here comes Maybelline’s product again. Maybelline always devotes to serve the makeup lovers well. This time the brand produces a blush called New York Fit Me! Funny name, right? There are three colors for girls to choose, deep coral, deep mauve and deep rose. It is good to have these three color palettes for different occasions.

The blushers are natural and pigmented. It is soft and easy for girls to wear the fade-free colors which blend perfectly. Use the wide brush to apply the blushers and create your own blush in a pretty way.

7.Bare Escentuals bareMinerals READY Blush


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It is a versatile blush for girls. The bareMINERALS blush is from Bare Escentuals. There are 10 colors for the small palettes. Different blush colors can beautify different skin colors. The brand offers enough choices for every girl. This blush includes brush.

The product can last long and it can keep 8 hours’ shimmering skin. You can just grab your essential brush and glide from cheeks to the hairline. It will satisfy you with the blendable pigmentation.

6.Bare Minerals Blush Highlighters


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Another blush highlighter from Bare Minerals is introduced to the list. The blush is in the small container. This product will have more colors to offer. The powder can be blended with other blush powers for better cheeks. The high blendability of the product will be adored by girls.

What’s more, the product can be used by all skin types. It is soft and it can make your skin smooth. The fantastic pigmentation will make your complex look better and glow.

5. L’Oreal Paris True Match Blush


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Do you want to get a natural look with a useful blush? You won’t miss this blush. It is from L’Oreal Paris. The blush is going to give you smooth skin and better complexion for every day. It is so versatile that you can carry the palettes with you whenever you go.

The product can go well with other makeup products like powder and concealer. It can not only highlight your face but also give a good tone for your skin. There are 9 colors to match your cheeks. What color do you want to take this summer?

4. E.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder St Lucia


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It is a good set for both blush and bronzing powders. The product includes mirror. It is from Studio 10. There are two natural powders for girls to define their face. The blush can make your complexion better while the bronzing powders can contour your face.

It can be used all the year round. You get reasonable price for the combo. You will have natural as well as glow makeup to complete your everyday’s look.

3. 12 Classic Color Elegant Blush Set


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It is smart to have a blush set like that. The classic color blush set is from Emori™. There are 12 colors offered and the colors can improve your makeup perfectly. One packing box can provide you with 12 elegant blushers.

You can go with any makeup look with this palette because you can always find the pigmentation you need. It is convenient for daily use. It is easy to carry and to blend with other makeup products.

2. NARS Blush


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It is a simple blush palette from NARS. The blush can give you a healthy, natural look for the makeup. It is a pink blush with shimmer. The product can not only help get better cheeks but also help contour the face. The pigmented color will make your skin glow and elegant.

Dip the full brush on the palette and get the product. Apple the NARS Blush on the cheeks slightly. It is easy to apply the blush. Choose the color you want and create your own makeup look with the NARS.

1. NYX Cosmetics Powder Blush


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You want to wear a light blush to highlight your face? You may find this famous blush powder from NYX. The product has reasonable price and it is light-weight. It is easy to carry as well as use.

The pigmentation is natural glow. There are three colors to be chosen. The powder will deliver a silky skin and elegant tone. It is perfect for everyday use as well.


It is important for girl to apply blusher to the checks. Don’t miss the steps to have a perfect makeup. The blusher can not only give you a romantic vibe, but also contour your face well. However, different face shapes require different ways of applying blushers. Round faces need wide range of blushers while oval faces need blushers applied gently on the check bones. Choose your favorite blusher and learn how to apply it with some useful tutorials.

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