13 Ways to Wear Your Blanket Scarf

Do you have some blanket scarves in your winter wardrobe? Pull them out right away and get them ready for your next look. Whether you have a warm winter or a cold one, you can have a blanket scarf to pair a pretty winter look. However, do you know how to tie y

20 Nail Designs for New Years Eve

2016 is almost done. We are welcoming 2017. Have you finished your goals in 2016? What are you going to make in the coming New Year? It is time for everyone to say goodbye to 2016 and embrace 2017. There may be some parties to celebrate the New Year on the New

15 Outstanding Outfits with Your Boyfriend Jeans

Do you really borrow a pair of jeans from your boyfriend when you talk about boyfriend jeans? Of course not. Boyfriend jeans are one of the flare pants for women. They bring a casual look to women. Though the jeans make a slack touch, they become popular nowad

16 Tutorials to Paint Snow Flake Nails

When the snow falls, the world is becoming an ice kingdom or a beautiful white land. There are amazing activities in such snowy days. However, there are some people choosing staying at home. They are lazy but they enjoy the holidays with families and friends.

15 Decorating Ideas for Rustic Themed Wedding

When we talk about hosting a natural wedding, we will invite wood to the wedding decorating. The wood decorations will bring modest, romantic and vintage vibe to the wedding party. The simple decorations won’t cost much but they can make a nice touch for you

20 Elegant Ways to Make Outfits with Black Pieces

You always avoid black for your outfits, but you have to take it sometimes? You are worried that the deep color will bring you a dull look? Don’t worry anymore. Prettydesigns will offer you some outfit ideas with black. You can learn something smart to go we

16 Ways to Wear Striped Sweaters in Winter

How can you miss sweaters in winter?This winter, why not prepare different sweaters to pair your looks? One of the popular patterns must be stripes. Striped pieces can be worn by you all the year round. They can fit for many events and occasions. If you have

15 DIY Tutorials for Making Gift Wrappers

DIY lovers, you are lucky to find out today’s post. Since Christmas is coming, amounts of gift boxes or bags are needed to carry the presents. How to make a gift box or a gift bag easily? The post will show you some useful tutorials. As a DIY lover, you won

13 Pretty Outfits with Embroidered Patches

Prettydesign shows you the latest fashion trend all the time. Today, we are going to offer you with some ideas to wear the embroidered patches. Embroidered patches become a trend this year and they are so popular that girls wear the pieces recently. Now it is

15 Outfit Ideas with Sequin Skirts for Holidays

Are you preparing for the holiday season? You are busy with decorating the house, considering the gifts and prepare for the food? Don’t forget to prepare your holiday costumes. What are you going to wear for the holidays? Try to wear a pretty piece, a sequin

15 Holiday Makeup Ideas You want to Try

Holiday season is coming. There are parties and get-togethers in the next few weeks. Have you prepared your party costumes? Besides the costumes, what makeup look are you going to wear for the holidays? You want to shine in the parties or you want to style a p

10 Hand Knitting Tutorials for Winter

It is soon holiday season. You want to DIY something useful and pretty for friends and family members as gifts? You also want to get your hands busy in such cold days? If you say yes, you’d better check out today’s post. It offers you with some DIY tutoria

20 Ways to Add Grey to Winter Outfits

When it is winter, how can you miss the grey pieces for pairing your winter look? Girls must have several grey staples in their winter wardrobe. Since the color grey can go well with other pieces easily, it is often used to pair the winter outfits. However, yo