Sliver Smoky Eyeshadow

10 Cool Tone Makeup Ideas for Winter

As winter comes, girls may search for a new look for their everyday makeup. Why not try to wear a cool tone makeup in order to enjoy the chilling weather? If you don’t have any ideas of cool tone makeup, you can stay with us and find the solutions here. We a

Green Smoky Eyes

10 Best Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes

If you have brown eyes, you will not miss today’s post. It offers you 10 best makeup ideas for your eyes. You can have no hesitation to check them out and pop your eyes for the next events. Actually, we have ways to apply different eye shadows to the brown e

Behati Prinsloo Sophisticated Smoky Eyes

Stylish Brown Smoky Eye Makeup Ideas for 2015

Whether on TV or in the street, it’s not hard for us to find some fashionable women with smoky eyes. Yes, smoky eyes have been in fashion for years and they will still be popular in the future. They are fantastic makeup tricks to enhance the charm to the eye

Trendy Bold Brows Makeup

Three Timeless Makeup Looks Every Woman Love

Although there are some latest trends for makeup every season, there are still some timeless makeup fashion that are loved by many women. If you don’t know the latest fashion trends or you just don’t know what kind of makeup is right, you can just go for t

Natural Line

10 Ideas on How to Apply Bottom Eyeliner

Hey, girls! You have checked out the eyeshadow ideas we offered you last time? If you have already mastered the makeup tricks, you can have a look at today’s post as well. It will bring you 10 ideas for you to make a perfect bottom eyeliner. Usually, the bot

Golden Peach Eye Makeup

10 Golden Peach Makeup You Must Love

Although the weather changes, it can’t stop every girl to chase the trendy makeup tutorials. Then you are lucky to find our site and keep pace with the makeup trend. You can find 10 amazing golden peach makeup ideas in the post. Have no hesitation to check t

Glitter Eye Makeup

10 Shimmery Eye Makeup Ideas for Special Occasions

As a fashionist, I always chase the fashion trend which I like and which can fit me. I think shimmery eyeshadow is one of my favorite makeup tricks. Making a shimmery eye makeup can not only create bigger eyes, but also enlighten the eyes. I like puting shimme

Creepy Makeup Look for Halloween

Extremely Horrible Makeup Ideas for Halloween

WOW, Halloween is around the corner! Have you get everything ready for this day? Halloween is really such a great time for us to have fun with a lot of imaginations. We can put on our DIY costumes for this day and we can put on a wired or creepy makeup look wh

How to Tightline Eyes

8 Ways for You to Tightline Your Eyes

Have you ever heard of the invisible eye liner? If you still have no idea, you can find the answers here. Actually, making the invisible eye liner means tightlining your eyes. This makeup trick is very popular among women. It can bring bright eyes to every wom

Beautiful Ombre Lips

10 Ideas to Have Ombre Lips

Since the ombre fashion appears, it is loved by people all over the world. No matter how time flys, the ombre design always stands out and keep pace with the new fashion trend. Whether clothes or the hair, fashionist can have ways to make them in ombre styles.

Purple and Gold Eye Shadow

10 Pretty Two-toned Eye Shadow for the Season

The season is so beautiful with the falling leaves and the cool breezy. It’s a right time for every girl to show their makeup skills. Girls can wear various makeup to fit their outfits. Maybe some girls like two-toned eye makeup, so today’s post is called

Glossy Eye Shadow

10 Glossy Eye Shadow Tutorials You Must Love

It’s very popular for women to get everything metallic now. They like studded bags or clothes, metallic colored nails or metallic accessories. They will not give up every opportunity to chase the metallic fashion trend. Today we will offer you a title called

Ombre Eye Makeup

9 Ways to Get a Pink Eye Makeup

To look gorgeous as well as sweet, you can wear a pink eye makeup. Today the post is all about the pink eye makeup. It will tell you how to make a pink eye shadow for your parties. Whether you are a beginner or a beauty expert, you can learn more makeup tricks

Smoky Eye Makeup for Fall

Top 10 Best Smoky Makeup Looks for Fall

Smoky eye makeup looks are the most classic and timeless trend for every season. Especially for those cold days, the smoky makeup add charm and warmth to women’s appearance. Nowadays, smoky eye makeups are no longer confined to the black, brown or gray shade