Trendy Black Eye Makeup Idea

Top 10 Amazing Black Eye Makeup Tutorials

Hey, fashion divas! Are you ready to try something mysterious and sexy about your makeup? We’ve made a mini collection of top 10 best black eye makeup tutorials for those women who want to try the coolest style makeover yet never know how to make it. These s

Pretty Asian Makeup Idea

Breathtaking Makeup Ideas for Divas

We love doing makeups and we are always trying to find the most beautiful makeup ideas. This time, you just need to stay in this post, and you will get so many inspirations for your next makeup look. Today, I want to share with you 19 breathtaking makeup ideas

Sweet Heart Makeup Idea

20 Pretty Barbie Doll Makeup Ideas for Sweet Hearts

Throughout the world, the best beauty queen in women’s eyes is the barbie doll. All women love the adorable barbies, and all men love adorable women. In this post, we present you 20 pretty makeup ideas for you so that next time you date with the guys you can

Elegant Silver Eye Makeup Tutorial

11 Everyday Makeup Tutorials and Ideas for Women

Every day in our life should be a beautiful day with a pretty look. To get a stylish everyday look, you should do a great makeup for yourself. In this post, we present you 11 everyday makeup tutorials and stunning makeup Ideas for you to try. For those casual

Perfect Nose Contouring

How to Get a Perfect Nose Shape by Makeup

All women are perfectionist that they will scout any imperfection on their face. In our modern beauty taste, people tend to be more fond of an elevated and small nose. The truth is that not everyone is born with such a perfect nose shape, therefore many women

Nude Lips

Six Color Trends for Your Appealing Lips

How to get a simple yet stylish spring makeup in a minute? Here is one fast and best solution: apply a fresh colored lipstick on your pouts. In this post, we pick out six hottest lip colors from the spring 2014 runways. Better news! We also find the lipsticks

Brow Define with Eyeliner/Brow-liner

4 Ways to Make Your Brows Look Perfect

Eyebrows are the most important part for makeup as their shape can influence your face look. Sometimes, a good eyebrow makeup can even totally change the way a woman look. So defining brows should be our priority when we apply the makeup. Today, we’ll give y

Perfect Green Makeup Tutorial

17 Perfect Step by Step Makeup Tutorials

Makeup is the best way for women to show their beauty, ingenuity and skills. It’s interesting and exciting to do makeups. By using different techniques and ideas, you can create various makeup looks on yourself. In this post, we are going to present you 17 p

Romantic Rainbow

Colorful Eye Makeup Ideas for Spring

Spring is time for fashionistas and makeup lovers to play with colors. Let’s learn from the talented girls and do a colorful eye makeup for ourselves. In this bright season, you may try some cheerful colors such as fresh blue, green. They will bring you a vi

Blue Eyes for Vampire MakeUp Ideas via

21 Creative Vampire MakeUp Ideas

Do you want to become a vampire as people are so keen to watching the Vampire Diary now? We can show you some makeup tricks to help you make this dream come true. They are can be not only used for Halloween in October, but also to make some fun in our life. T