Flowers and Stripes

17 Flower Nail Art Ideas

I meet my friend recently. She shows me off her floral nail art. My friend polishes pale blue and white coats on nails first. Then she paints the pink roses with green leaves carefully on the base polishes. The nail art is pretty and trendy. When I come home,

Lace Nail Art

15 Easy and Creative Nail Ideas

Would you like to do the manicure and create the gorgeous nails? You will find 15 easy and creative nail ideas here. They can fit everyone and so many occasions. What’s more, they are easy if you follow the tutorials step by step. Check these 15 easy and cre

Colorful Dots

15 Polka-dot Nail Arts You Won’t Miss

We love polka-dot tops, polka-dot pants and polka-dot skirts, so we want to introduce the polka-dot nail arts for you to keep up with the polka-dot fashion. There are 15 polka-dot nail tutorials here. The tutorials will tell you how to polish the dots and how

Sunset Nails

16 Sunset Nail Arts You Won’t Miss

There is no doubt that the scene of sunset is treasure given by nature. When we are obsessed with the beautiful sunset glow, we are reminded of the sweet and warm memory. One of the most perfect places for enjoying sunset is by the seashore. The peaceful sea c

Cherry Nails

16 Cute Nail Tutorials You Won’t Miss

We pick up 16 cute nail tutorials for you in the post. They are ultra-cute but useful and they come in different designs and colors. It’s an opportunity for you to do the nail art by your endless imagination and the rainbow polishes so you can have no hesita

Funny Nails

15 Amazing Nail Tutorials You Won’t Miss

I don’t think you will miss today’s post because it’s useful for you to polish amazing nails when you attend your next event. There are 15 DIY nail tutorials which are doomed to shine on you. You can be wild choosing the camo nails or you can be gorgeous

Pink Nails

15 Adorable Nails Art for Valentine’s Day

What have you prepared for your Valentine’s Day? A dinner or a date? No matter what preparation you are thinking about, you won’t forget to glam up your nails for Valentine’s Day. There are 15 adorable nails art for you to choose for the day here. You ca

Sapphire Nails

17 Gorgeous Blue Nails Art

Blue gives us a peaceful and cool vibe. Have you ever had the blue nail polish for your nails? Here are we pick up 17 top blue nails art for you. You can find a simple blue nail polish, a geometric nail polish or a electric blue nail polish. We are sure that y

Metallic Gold Flowers

21 Charming Burgundy Nails

The darker hues become a trend now. We love the burgundy very much because of its meaning, sexy, hot, deep and dangerous. Burgundy is  the best hue for women who will glam in different styles. The burgundy nails appear vital and gorgeous, so they can be polis

Cupcake Nails with Beads

10 Delicate Cupcake Nails Tutorials

We pick up 11 delicate cupcake nails tutorials for you. All the pictures remind us of the hot TV series Two Broke Girls. The girls’ dream in the show is to open their own cupcake business. Maybe we are not going to have a cupcake business, but we can have cu

catching fire nail polish

Nail Tutorials for the ‘Catching Fire’ Look!

I’ve just watched the Hunger Games II movie, Catching Fire and am so excited about the fabulous nail art in there!  (And the spectacular visual effects, the suspense and just everything about it!)   So I’m going to be wearing the amazing new nail loo

Easy Nail Design- Reverse French Manicure

Easy Nail Designs – Simple Nail Art Design Ideas

When anyone mentions easy nail design, I always think of lines and dots or simple flower motifs. And they’re great in the summertime, but I’m always looking for something different and original to bring you in my blogs. Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Prada


Acrylic Nail Designs

This blog covers several acrylic nail designs, starting with cute and simple rainbow styles. The second video shows how to apply Black Lace onto nails and the last video is a gallery of amazing special occasion designs! So I hope there’s something to suit ev

Nail Design Ideas

Nail Design Ideas for Party Glamour

If you don’t have time to get your nails done professionally before a special event, don’t worry, there are loads of fabulous nail design ideas that are easy to do at home! Here’s one of our current favourites – a marbled look without tools! The video