How to Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

All makeup naturally smudges, fades, melts, and otherwise budges from where it is supposed to be throughout the day. However, concealer tends to settle much more quickly and easily into the fine lines underneath your eyes, causing an unattractive creased appea

5 Tips to Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes [MUST KNOW]

Everyone makes mistakes when applying makeup; nobody’s perfect, and sometimes smears and blending mishaps just happen. However, there are several makeup mistakes that are extremely common and crop up time and time again throughout the routines of beginne

7 Tips For Hydration This Summer

7 Easy Useful Tips For Hydration This Summer

Sufficient hydration is a big part of beauty. Drinking enough water contributes to healthy, more beautiful skin, hair, and nails and helps prevent dryness and brittleness as well as breakouts and uneven skin tone. However, drinking enough water every day isn&#

5 Reasons Why Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes Is Important

Every beauty lover knows that cleaning your makeup brushes is a necessity from time to time. However, cleaning an abundant collection of makeup brushes is also an inconvenient hassle which many people put off for months at a time. While putting off washing yo

7 Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

7 Useful Makeup Tips For Aging Skin

via As we age, our skin and facial features gradually change. Therefore, our daily beauty routine needs to change as well in order to better suit our aging skin. If you’re among the many women who are frustrated by their aging skin, keep reading to discove

15 Ways to Have Homemade Toners

Hey, girls! You remember the body scrub recipes we offered? Today you will find other recipes for homemade toners in the post. You can DIY some natural toner at home. Just stay with Prettydesigns and find some useful beauty tips. It’s easy to make your own t

15 Ways to Use Tea as Your Beauty Tips

What do you think of tea? Do you know that tea can change your beauty routine? If you don’t know much about tea for your beauty tips, you can stay with Prettydesigns and learn something useful for the beauty hacks. You may be doubt with the fact that tea or

15 Beauty Tips with Honey

Hey, girls! Prettydesigns will discover beauty tips with you today. What are you waiting for? Have no hesitation to check out the post. Today’s post is all about honey. It reminds you of tea? No. It will tell you how to make full use of honey and create some