17 Super Basic Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Though everyone knows how important the eye makeup is, it is not easy for beginners to make perfect eyes at first. Today Prettydesigns will offer several eye makeup tutorials for beginners. They are practical and provide beginners with ways on how to make bigg

Soft Eye Makeup Idea

12 Gorgeous Eye Makeup Ideas for Beginners

Hey girls! How are you? I have already shown you some latest fashion trends and do you like them? But you can never go out without a makeup. So for today, I have made you an interesting post that is called  gorgeous eye makeup ideas to complete your outfit. B

Pretty Pink Eye Makeup

25 Beautiful Pink Eye Makeup Looks for 2019

I bet every girl would like to wear the pretty pink eye makeup for their everyday look. To get a dramatic effect, you can also use another color you like to make a different pink eye makeup. The pink eye makeup can be mixed with many colors like gold, brown, c

Light Pink Eye Makeup

26 Easy Step by Step Makeup Tutorials for Beginners

Hey, beautiful girls! Before you go out, you will not forget to wear some beautiful makeup on your face. So today we have collected 12 useful easy makeup tutorials for you. These tutorials will offer you many a easy way to spice up your makeup. They will teac

40 Easy Step by Step Makeup Tutorials You May Love

It is getting cooler and cooler. Fall is right here. Do you have any idea on making a great look for fall? If your answer is yes, you will not miss the fall makeup tutorials. Today’s post is going to tell you some useful tutorials for you to learn how to cre

Fantastic Green Eye Makeup Idea

13 Beautiful Green Eye Makeup Ideas and Tutorials

Hey, fashionistas! What’s your eyes’ color? Different eye colors show different kinds of charm. In this post, we have found some stunning eye makeup looks and tutorials for the Green-Eye beauties. If you happen to own such a beautiful eye color, then, you

Black Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Professional & Glamorous Eye Makeup Tutorials

We can judge what kind of person he or she is from his or her eyes. So, a lot of ladies try to invest time and money on their eyes so that they can look much more beautiful. When we talk to some one, we will be captured by her pretty eye makeup look. In fact,

Sexy Brown and Golden Makeup Tutorial

20 Beautiful Makeup Tutorials for Blue Eyes

If you have the charming blue eyes, then stay here. We make this makeup tutorial collection especially for you. Blue eyes are beautiful and they could be more beautiful with a well-designed eye makeup. In this post, you will see 20 makeup tutorials for blue ey

Useful Makeup Tutorials for Sophisticated Looks: Kissable Complexion

Useful Makeup Tutorials for A Sophisticated Look

The love of beauty is the nature of human beings. As gorgeous women, we are always trying our best to make us look prettier and keep our skin and complexion in the best state. Although no one is born as a perfect diva, with some clever makeup tricks, we can ma

3 Steps to Wear False Lashes Perfectly

3 Simple Steps to Apply False Lashes Perfectly

Are you eager for the attractive big eyes? Of course, all of us pretty girls want to draw others’ attention effortlessly with big eyes. If you are not born with big eyes, you will still be amazing with the long curly lashes. However, I’m not lucky enough t