Flower Nails

Stunning Nail Tutorials for Summer 2019

Summer will come soon. Why not get some new clothes and have your nails polished in order to have a brand new look. It’s necessary for every girl to glam a new look for the coming season because a new look give a new and fresh vibe. Girls, never stop rocking

15 Nail Tutorials to Paint Floral Nails

Floral prints never go out of the style. No matter how season changes, you can wear a floral piece to rock the look. There are ways to have floral patterns for your look. You can also get your nails painted in flowers. Floral nail art is one of the pretty mani

12 Tutorials to Make Stamping Nails

Have you ever heard of stamping nail arts? It becomes popular nowadays. Do you want to try for your next nail art? Today’s post is going to offer you some useful nail tutorials for the new season. There are tutorials for you to get inspired. If you do the st

15 Nail Tutorials for Holidays

Holiday season is approaching. There will be parties and get-togethers in the few weeks. Have you prepared your gifts, you costumes and your thrill heart for those holidays? Wait, do you forget something important? Don’t miss the details. It is time to have

15 Fantastic Nail Tutorials You Must Try

15 Fantastic Nail Tutorials You Must Try

Do you want a new nail art for a new season? If your answer is yes, you will not miss the post. Today’s post is all about the nails. Prettydesigns have picked up some fantastic nail tutorials to you. We don’t think that you will miss them. In the post, you

Dalmatian Nails

11 Cool Nail Designs With Tutorials for 2014

Life is always about all kinds of beautiful things. Every girl has the right to make your every single day interesting and wonderful. You can first start with your nails to give them a totally chic look. There are so many pretty nail designs of different style

Neon Nails

10 Nail Tutorials You Won’t Miss

Hello, girls!It’s time  to change a new manicure for your nails. Today’s post will introduce some easy but useful tutorials to you. Using these tutorials you will have an ultra-pretty nail art. The tutorials will tell you how to paint a marble nail art

Pastel Nails

Lovely Nail Tutorials for Spring

It gets warmer and warmer from now on. Everything will change a new look for another beginning. Girls begin with donning themselves with spring outfits as well. They will wear their beautiful pastel skirts or colorful dress. To complete the looks, we suggest t

Pretty Nail Art

How to Make a Floral Nail Polish for Spring

Hello, girls! What do you want to print for your spring nail art? It’s amazing for you to print some lovely flowers and create a spring feel on the nails. As the blossom will boom in spring, you can make a floral nail art for the season. How to print flowers

Simple Nails

Useful Nail Tutorials for Spring and Summer

Today I will introduce some useful nail tutorials to you. Nails grow fast in spring and summer. Though it’s annoyed for those girls who want to keep the short nails, it’s necessary for girls to have manicure in fixed time. If you follow the post, you don

Funny Nails

11 Nice Nail Tutorials for Short Nails

You don’t like pointy nails? You always have short nails? It’s OK for you to keep the short nails because you can print many nail arts for them. There are some nice nail tutorials for short nails in today’s post. They can be printed for many occasions. Y

Black Nails with Rainbow Tape

14 Nail Tutorials with Tape Tricks

Do you know how to play tricks on your nail arts? You still don’t know how to create a nail art with colorful tape? Don’t worry. Today’s post is going to tell you the magic which the tapes play. Maybe you haven’t known the usage of the tape for nail ar

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nail Tutorials You Won’t Miss

It’s a bright day again. Why not glam yourself prettily and step out confidently? To glam you up, don’t forget to polish your nails. A stylish nail art can spice up your look for sure, so it can be done before going out. Today’s post can help you get you

Tartan Nails

12 Latest Nail Tutorials for Beginners

You are still a beginner for nail art? Don’t worry! We pick up some stylish and latest nail art tutorials for you to practice in the post. The tutorials will tell you how to make a simple nail art through the step-by-step tutorials. You don’t need so many

White and Green Nails

Nail Tutorials: How to Use Scotch Tape

Do you know how to play tricks on the nail arts? Have you ever known that even small scotch tape can create a stylish nail art? If you say no, you will learn more about the scotch tape in the post. The post will tell you how to use the scotch tape to make nail