17 Ways to Wear Grey Sweater

The color grey is versatile, neutral and elegant for the seasonal wardrobes. It is a basic but a classic color which can join the color plates easily. In the cold days, grey color is perfect for matching any pieces and it will bring simple but pretty vibe to t

15 Ideas to Create Warm Layers

Early fall is cool while late fall is chilled. The leaves will turn yellow and the sky will be too nice for a good day. What do you prepare for your fall wardrobe? Since it is cooler and cooler, you should make a preparation for the coming cold days by having

12 Styles to Wear Turtlenecks for Winter

How can you miss a must-have staple, the turtleneck for this winter? It can not only keep your body warm, but also create a pretty look for the season. The piece can go well with many winter staples. There are combos that you didn’t try before with turtlenec

20 Sweater Styles You Must Try for Early Spring

You are told to change your staples for the coming season? Yes. Spring is already here. You begin to consider what to glam for an early spring look again because you don’t remember what you have worn for last spring. Don’t worry. Stay with Prettydesigns an

20 Light Sweater Styles to Pop up Your Looks

Do you like wear light tone pieces for your look? If you say yes, you will not miss today’s post. It is all about styles of light sweaters. The sweaters can not only create a romantic look, but also add an elegant vibe. Check the post out and pull out your l