15 Best Friend Tattoos For You And Your BFF

15 Best Friend Tattoos For You And Your BFF

Having a best friend is great and almost everyone has one. There are a lot of different ways to show that you love your best friend. You could have matching outfits, have best friend necklaces or bracelets or maybe even post the same pictures all over Instagra

15 Disney Tattoos For Any and All Disney Lovers

15 Disney Tattoos For Any and All Disney Lovers

Everyone out there loves Disney, right? Well, at least a majority of people in the world and what’s not to love? The movies have some great characters and I know there’s at least one Disney song that always gets stuck in your head. If your love for

Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

30 Amazing Arrow Tattoos for Female

Arrows are quickly becoming some of the most popular designs for tattoos. With all the different styles of arrows, they can be used to signify almost anything or can be interpreted into many different ideas. Originally, arrow tattoos were used by Native Ameri

Lily Tattoo Designs

38 Lily Flower Tattoo Designs

Lily is a popular flower and has rich symbolic meanings in different cultures and much of the world. Liturgically, the lily is a symbol of Christ himself. In Christianity, the lily stands for chastity and purity of Virgin Mary. For example, there is a bundle o

Cute Crown Tattoos for Lovers

48 Crown Tattoo Ideas We Love

Crown Tattoo that makes you a king or queen Crown tattoos have been inspired by a various items. Drawing a unique crown tattoo on your body must have unique inspirations for it to stand out. Crown tattoos have been drawn for many centuries. The fact that crown

45 Tattoo Quote Ideas for Women

“Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words” Another spin off of the crazily trendy “Live laugh love” quote, except this time there’s a few added words that make this quote REALLY pop! “Count every beautiful thing” This beautiful qu

Gemini Tattoos on Foot

A Gemini Tattoo To Celebrate Individualism

Tattoos have always been used to exhibit a person’s sense of individualism. The artwork or graphic text that a person chooses to have tattooed on their body is a display of their own unique sense of style, humor, or outlook on life. This can be in the form o

Snake Tattoos for Girls

Snake Tattoo Meaning & Snake Tattoo Ideas

If you have decided to get a snake tattoo that is one awesome decision. The snake has a bit of controversy in regards to its meaning but it certainly looks great and it will catch the eyes of the ones around you. The design of a snake tattoo is really great be

Female Skull Tattoo Design

The Skull Tattoos for Beginners

Have you ever seen a biker without a skull tattoo? Me neither. Skull tattoos are very popular all around the world. Who gets such a tattoo? It is true that in the past maybe only bikers did, but now it’s a whole new trend. Skull tattoos are also associat

Rib Tattoos for Girls

Pros & Cons to Getting Rib Tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo types these days is the rib tattoo. Considered both very sexy and powerful, this kind of tattoo is gaining popularity both among men and women. Tattooing as a current became quite popular in the last decade and anyone deciding to

Nicki Minaj Chinese Tattoos

The Art Of The Chinese Tattoos

Have you ever tried the Chinese character tattoos? As you can see that a lot celebrities wear Chinese tattoos in recent years, just like Justin Bieber, David Beckham, Nick Carter, Marcus Camby, Nicki Minaj etc. Nicki Minaj Chinese Tattoos: 上帝与你常在 T