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21 Adorable Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles

Trendy Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyles for girls

Asymmetrical haircuts are becoming more and more popular now than they were a few years ago. A few years ago, people often tilted their head in confusion. But thanks to social media and certain beauty vloggers having an asymmetrical cut, more and more people have been following suit. Here are some great adorable asymmetrical bob hairstyles for you should you ever choose to get one yourself.

Asymmetrical Lob

Going short might be too much for you. The good news is that you don’t have to go chin length or shorter for it to be right. You can leave a few extra inches and have a long bob.

brunette to pink long asymmetrical bob hairstyle

Curly and Purple

Seeing straight asymmetrical cuts gets repetitive and boring. Twist things up by curling your hair. Curling your hair instantly gives more volume. Add a hint of color and you’ve got magic!

Medium soft wavy Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for women

Mini Asymmetrical Cut

This blonde color is absolutely gorgeous on women of color. Nothing else to say about it. But what we can say about it is how there isn’t too much of a difference in length between the two sides. Because of that, this is a good cut for those of you new to asymmetrical cuts and don’t want something drastic just yet.

Beyoncé inspired asymmetrical bob hairstyle for thin hair

Red Tips

This cut looks so edgy on this woman with the hair alone, but the little bit of red at the end of the tips makes it just a little edgier. Adding a little bit of a fun colour to the tips of your hair is a great way of adding a little spice to your life and it won’t make you feel too much out of your comfort zone.

Cute ombre asymmetrical bob haircut for thick hair

Side and Undershaved Asymmetrical

Bob hairstyles for 2016: The fun part about haircuts is having secret sections shaved. Nobody would really be able to tell with the asymmetrical cut covering it. Even so, it’s still fun knowing that you’ve got a little extra something to add to the uniqueness of your cut.

Short wavy asymmetrical ombre bob hairstyle for women

Chic and Professional

This is a simple, chic, and professional asymmetrical. It’s noticeably asymmetrical, but with the long side swept fringe and neutral colour, it doesn’t look like an outrageous style and still meets society’s professional standards.

Layered asymmetrical bob hairstyle for women

Straight Asymmetrical A-Line

A straight asymmetrical a-line bob is a quick and simple way of having an edgy haircut. Since the asymmetrical look isn’t the most sought out look despite becoming more and more popular, this look is just that unique. Add some short side swept bangs and it can help soften up the look just a tad if you’re not looking for too much edge.

Cute Side view of asymmetrical bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

Choppy Highlights

Your main hair color is brown, but to go with this new choppy cut of yours, you need fresh new color to go with it. Blonde highlights are always a safe option when it comes to brown hair. Make sure to get them cut using a razored scissor for more of a wispy look. Get some texture creme to give lots of definition so your layers don’t look two-dimensional.

Side view of asymmetrical bob hairstyle
Credit /pinterest

Pastel Blue

Kick your new asymmetrical bob hairstyles up a notch by dying your entire hair a new color. Not just brown or something simple like that. Go wild and try out a very light, very pastel blue. It’s the perfect colour to get out of your system just once. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite hair color.

Trendy short straight asymmetrical bob haircut for women

Deep Side Part Layered Asymmetrical

There’s one thing besides cutting hair that hair stylists have in common: the haircut they’re wearing. This is the kind of haircut we’ve seen our stylists and every other stylist in the same salon wear. And for good reason too. It’s cute! Ask for lots of choppy layers that are much shorter than the length of the cut. Tuck one side behind an ear and keep it in place with a bobby pin so all the focus is on one side.

short asymmetrical bob haircut for round faces

Posh Spice

Spice Girls was very popular in the 90s and so many girls and boys wanted to be them. You can replicate their hair. Posh Spice’s asymmetrical bob hairstyle is a good place to start. The difference between lengths is subtle so you won’t be too out of place if you’ve never had a bob before. Give the style some extra warmth by getting warm blonde highlights after getting it cut.

Victoria Beckham Asymmetrical Bob Haircut for Short Hair
/Getty images

Short Side Swept Bangs

If people often mistake you for being too young, turn in the straight across, blunt bangs you’ve always known for side swept bangs. Side swept bangs can help age you just a few years so that you look your age.

Cute back to school haircut - asymmetrical bob for girls

Icy Blonde Shave

Asymmetrical bob hairstyles can be repetitive. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a way to make one unique. This particular style is completely shaved which is very different from most bobs.

Trendy asymmetrical bob hairstyle for thin hair

Heart Shaped Spiked Bob

This style is really cute because on the left side, it replicates the shape of a heart. You can get this done easily by getting a lot of layers and spiking the short ones in the back as well as towards the front.

layered short asymmetrical bob haircut for women

Dark Roots and White or Silver Hair

Become a modern day Cruella de Vil with this color. Dark roots are typically a no-no, but with black roots on top of white hair, people won’t care as much. And if they do, so what? You’re Cruella de Vil. You don’t have to listen to anything they say.

Cute asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

Ear Length Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Most asymmetrical cuts have the shortest side going no higher than the chin. Of course, you’re your own woman and you can do as you please. Go bolder and cut off a few more inches so the shortest length is just at the bottom of your ears.

short blonde asymmetrical bob haircut for women
Credit /tumblr

Messy Pixie-Like Bob

This style is between a bob and a pixie. The longer side of the cut looks more like a bob while the other side is cut short enough to be a pixie. This is good for those of you that want to slowly move into the pixie lifestyle after getting used to a bob.

Trendy Cute asymmetrical bob haircut for short hair

From Left to Right

It may not seem like it, but this is a bit of an unique take on the asymmetrical look. Most of them usually have the longer side on the left, but in this look, it goes the opposite way. This look also doesn’t have too many layers, so it looks pretty identical to a one length cut.

Cute asymmetrical bob hairstyle with bangs

Straight and Curly

Here is an an asymmetrical bob styled two ways: straight and curly. The straight look is gorgeous and gives off a playful vibe. The curly look matures the look. You could wear this out to a special dinner with your family or partner.

Soft wavy Chic Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for busy mom

Grey Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Get ready a new season with a new hair color. You’ve got your new style that includes an edgy undercut, but you feel like you’re missing something else to really spruce it up. Grey is a trendy color this year and with the new season approaching, it’s the perfect time to give it a whirl.

Chic Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle with glasses

Super Long Bob

This is the kind of bob you want to have if you’re not comfortable with the the others. The difference in length is very minimal, so it’s a great way to gradually get into the asymmetrical look.

A-line bob - long bob lob hairstyle

These 21 asymmetrical bob hairstyles come in various cuts, color, and style. Showing the various lengths let you know that your hair doesn’t have to look this way or have this much cut off in order to be an asymmetrical style.

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