Crystal Ball Nail Design

35 Pretty Nail Design Ideas for Women

Do you know what kind of nail design will become very popular in this year? For today, I’d like to provide you with a fabulous collection of nail designs that I searched from the internet. All of them look very pretty and cute for girls. I bet you can choose

7 Tips For an At-Home Manicure

7 Useful Tips For an At-Home Manicure

via We all love the pampering treatment we get at the nail salon and how beautiful our fingers and toes look immediately after our appointment. However, getting to the salon every week or two is not in the time schedule or budget of many beauty lovers. If you

Top 7 Biggest Nail Trends of Summer 2016

7 Biggest Nail Trends of Summer 2021

via With August in full swing, summer is quickly disappearing through our fingers. Before September comes and autumn begins, you need to take advantage of the current nail trends for your upcoming manicures and pedicures. Keep reading to discover the bigges

20 Cool Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Are you waiting for Halloween to have parties or do the trick or treat? When fall comes, Halloween is also around the corner. Some girls have been thinking about their Halloween costumes and makeup. What are you going to wear or to paint this year? However, be

7 Tips to Help Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

7 Tips to Help Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

Slow-drying nail polish is the bane of every beauty lover’s existence. One of the worst feelings in the world is ruining your freshly-applied manicure because you didn’t have enough time to wait for it to fully dry. Most people with a modern hect

White Tribal Nail Design

25 Cool Stylish Tribal Nail Designs

Tribal nail designs can make a very vibrant and unique look for women, which are usually made up of different patterns like stripes, dots, triangles and other geometric shapes. They can provide a strong visual effect with bright colors. All the tribal nails sh

White and Pink Leopard Print Nail Design

21 Wild Leopard Print Nail Designs

Nowadays, women tend to pay more and more attention to their nails. There are plenty of nail art designs on the net and you can choose anyone you like to paint your nails. Among so many different patterns, the leopard print is being mostly preferred by women a

Gold Glitter Polka Dot Nail Design

22 Lovely Polka Dot Nail Designs

Girls always want to look pretty and lovely in front of people. You can wear perfect makeup, hairstyles and beautiful dresses. Also, your nails will play an important part for your beauty. Painting your nails can be quite interesting and fun and one of the mos

Pink Water Marble Nail Design

18 Unique Water Marble Nail Designs

The water marble nail designs look really pretty and beautiful for girls. But it seems very difficult to make and you may need some instruments and skills. The patterns created in the water will be varying each time, so you are going to have a totally unique d

Pink Rose Nail Design

25 Cute Pink Nail Designs for Girls

Do you love pink nails? They look so pretty and cute for girls. You will have a lot of different ways to have pink nails. Most of the time, we’d consider the pink color as a sign of being girly and feminine. But now, women chose pink to showcase their indepe

Pink Feather Nail Design

15 Feminine Feather Nail Designs

Feather nail designs will look very pretty and unique for girls. It is being a best way to make a statement with your nails. The feathers are always being painted with dream-catchers and will remind us of the boho-chic style. It allows us to use different pret

Green Blue Dandilion Nail Design

20 Simple Dandelion Nail Designs

As we all know, dandelions are deeply favored by artists for their meanings. Their delicate petals and seeds that are flying away with the wind can definitely draw people’s imagination. In general, dandelions stand for purity, vitality and life. So it would