20 Ideas to Make Gift Tags

We always need to give gifts in some occasions. Have you ever given gifts with gift tags? Actually, you can make a pretty gift wrap and a special tag for every present you send. Today’s post is going to tell you how to have gift tags. Here you may find fanta

15 Ways to Have Homemade Toners

Hey, girls! You remember the body scrub recipes we offered? Today you will find other recipes for homemade toners in the post. You can DIY some natural toner at home. Just stay with Prettydesigns and find some useful beauty tips. It’s easy to make your own t

15 Designs to Make Sofa Cozy

As it is getting cold, we need to bring something to cozy up and warm up your house. The first place would be our sofa! We may eat, watch movie or read books in the comfortable sofa, so we need to make it cozier for fall and winter. Today’s post will show yo

15 Clever Closet Ideas for Small Space

Your stuff will make your private small and messy? It’s necessary for everyone to spend time to collect and organize the clothes or other stuff everyday or every week. Maybe you have no idea about the organizing projects. Don’t worry. Prettydesigns will gi

15 Ideas to Prepare a Gift under $10

It’s October. Maybe all the children are waiting for Christmas season because they will get some gifts they want. However, parents may begin to think about what they will prepare for their children’s gifts. Actually you can make gifts for your children ins

20 Winter Hair Looks with Hats You Must Adore

It’s getting colder for winter. Everyone will pull out must-have stuff to keep warm as well as to glam the winter looks. In winter, you will not miss hats which can not only keep warm but also keep your hairstyle. Today’s post is all about hairstyles with

15 Ways to Use Tea as Your Beauty Tips

What do you think of tea? Do you know that tea can change your beauty routine? If you don’t know much about tea for your beauty tips, you can stay with Prettydesigns and learn something useful for the beauty hacks. You may be doubt with the fact that tea or

15 Apple Inspired DIY Projects

Prettydesigns continues to show you some creative DIY projects. Today the post will provide you with everything about apples. It will tell you how to make home projects with apples or make other apple inspired DIY projects. As a DIY love, how can you miss thes

15 Brilliant Beauty Tips to Use Cucumbers

I used to cut cucumbers in pieces and applied the slice to my eyes in order to get rid of the dark circles. I succeeded in making this beauty tip. Today I will share some beauty tips with you girls for using cucumbers. Last time, you might find out the post on

15 Beauty Tips with Honey

Hey, girls! Prettydesigns will discover beauty tips with you today. What are you waiting for? Have no hesitation to check out the post. Today’s post is all about honey. It reminds you of tea? No. It will tell you how to make full use of honey and create some

15 Wedding Ideas in School Themes

15 Wedding Ideas in School Themes

There are many good themes to make your wedding party pop. What theme will you choose for your big day? Some people creatively make their wedding party in a school theme. Have you thought of hosting a wedding ceremony in a library? Some couples did it. Today p

How to Take a Great Selfie

Important Tips to Take a Great Selfie

Nowadays, selfies have become an important part for our everyday life. It is even being a brand-new word to our vocabulary. Selfies can help us to express our mood in a more flattering way. Do you want to know how to take a selfie properly? Blue Vanilla has pu