Cooker Organizer

20 Kitchen DIY Ideas You Must Love

Though I am not a good cook, I love cooking in my spare time for trying some delicious recipes. So I always make my kitchen tidy and easy to deal with. Today I will share some DIY ideas with you to make a better kitchen. It’s important to keep your kitchen s

10 Ways to Lengthen Eyelashes

10 Ways to Get Longer Eyelashes

Every girl wants to have longer and thicker eyelashes to make bigger eyes. There are ways to make your eyelashes pop. You may wear makeup or you can just lengthen and thicken your lashes with some simple products. Today’s post provided by Prettydesigns will

15 Crochet Dream Catcher Ideas for DIY

15 Crochet Dream Catcher Ideas

Hello, everyone. Prettydesigns will show you something magical today. They can bring you good luck and filter out the bad things. Can you figure it out? Yes. Today’s post is all about the dream catchers which are hung near the windows. There are 15 dream cat

Glass Bottle as Jewelry Holders

10 Ways to Store Your Jewelry

It’s necessary for you to learn how to organize things well at home. Girls may have many kinds of jewelry, link necklaces, bracelets, earrings… They need to well organize the jewelry so that they can find them easily next time. What’s more, if you st

10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

10 Ways to Redecorate Old Dressers

Last week, I cleaned up  my house and found an old dresser which needed redecorating. Then I brought something decorative to refashion the dresser. Though I am not a good painting, I change a bright color to my dresser and it looks new again. Today I want to

Tips for a Good Night Sleep

8 Important Tips to Have a Good Sleep

As we all know, sleep plays a very important part in our daily life. Every great day get started with a good night sleep. Adults are being recommended to have 8 hours sleep in average, while the kids should have a longer time. You will feel relaxed and energiz

Get Rid of Blackheads

4 Tips to Make Your Face Glow

Do you think that your face looks gloom after waking up in the morning? It seems that your skin still sleeps? Don’t worry. Today Prettydesigns is here to give you some advices for making your face glow again. To make perfect skin, you should follow significa

Simple DIY Tent

10 Camping Tips You Must Know

Camping is a one of the funny activities in everyone’s life. When you feel tired or want to escape from the cities, you would like to go camping for the fresh air and for the brand new heart? If you say yes, you will not miss these 10 camping tips offered by

10 Cleaning Tips with Salt

10 Cleaning Tips with Salt

I don’t think we can live without salt. Salt can not only spice up your dishes, but also become a cleaning tips. Have you thought of using salt to do some cleaning? If you say no, you will be amazed at what the post tells you. Prettydesigns is going to provi

20 Ideas to Set a Romantic Table

20 Ideas to Set a Romantic Table

Weekend is approaching. What are you going to rock this weekend? Someone may say that they are going to date some guys at dinner. Then are you the one to prepare the meal? If you say yes, you’d better learn something about romantic for your dinner. Here are

Fancy Dinner

12 Exciting Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday

The birthday is a special day for everyone and we should really celebrate it in an exciting way. For people who have numerous friends, it will be a good idea to hold a themed birthday party. Decorate your house with all shimmery accessories and ask all your fr

Mason Jar Candle Holder

11 Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

You haven’t consider sending gifts in your budget? You have to send gifts in some occasions? Don’t worry. DIY ideas can always help you out. You are lucky to find the site and you will find out gift ideas offered by Prettydesigns. Today we provide you with

Gallery Wall

15 Ideas to Display Your Family Photos at Home

Family photos will be taken every year. It seems that they are telling our own stories with the images. They can always remind us of the happy time we spent with our family. The happy time is precious and it won’t be forgotten. Today prettydesigns will tell

12 Ideas for Your Backyard this Summer

12 Ideas for Your Backyard this Summer

Summer is so hot that you spend most of the time at your backyard? There are ideas to upgrade your backyard and let it become a good place for you and your family. So today prettydesigns is here and continue to offer some good ideas for you guys. Check the ide

10 Ways to Make a Nice Workplace

10 Ways to Make a Nice Workplace

What does your workplace look like? Do you feel comfortable with it? If you give a negative answer, you should give some makeover to make a nice workplace. As your workplace can give you inspiration and motivation, you’d better make it comfortable and tidy.