Bob Hairstyles

9 Simple Blunt Bob Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Brunette to Pink Ombre – Daily Bob Hair Idea

Turn in the brunette to blonde ombre for a brunette to pink ombre. Blondes may have more fun, but pink resembles cotton candy. Who doesn’t like cotton candy? When the color is done, flat iron so it’s completely straight. This’ll give it a little more edge.

medium straight brunette to pink ombre hair
medium straight brunette to pink ombre hair

Flying Blunt Bob – Simple but Classic Lob Hairstyle

A fresh cut will always keep your bob bouncy and able to fly around when you move your head from side to side. Make sure to go to the salon regularly, about every eight or so weeks, to keep it at its best.

long blunt bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Medium Bob Hairstyle with Golden Highlights

Balayage highlights help freshen up a dark base color without looking too busy. Getting something lighter but similar is wise.

easy daily bob hairstyle for medium length hair

Slight Ombre Bob Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Straight and blunt looks great accented with a bit of color variation. An ombre works perfectly for this purpose – even if it is slight and subtle.

medium straight bob hairstyle

Two Toned ombre hair for African American Women

Get an ombre to go with your bob, but don’t get an ombre with too much difference between the two colors. Tone it down a bit by getting a lighter color that’s still within the base’s color family.

short straight blunt ombre lob hairstyle for black women

Blunt Bob Cut – Daily Hair Ideas for Shoulder Length Hair

Contrary to popular belief, not all haircuts need layers. They’re great, but truth is, there are bobs that look great without them. This blunt blonde bob is a perfect example.

back view of straight long bob lob hairstyle

Transitional Ombre with Bangs

This ombre with bangs is another triple threat, but neutral. The transitional color between the black and blonde balance the look really well.

medium length ombre bob hairstyle with blunt bangs

Blonde balayage lob for women

Blonde balayage lob for women 2017
Blonde balayage lob for women /instagram 

Trendy ombre lob for medium hair

Trendy ombre lob for medium hair 2017
Trendy ombre lob for medium hair

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