French Braid Ponytail

12 Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

Ponytails are the most commonly seen hairstyles for women. They are the best way for us to keep our long hair out of face in a hot summer. As we all know, there’re plenty of ways to make a fabulous pony look. Many celebrities have showed us some glamorous po

Double Side Braid for Ponytail

19 Pretty Ways to Try French Braid Ponytails 

The ponytail is a classic style that every girl has rocked at least once in her life. This carefree ‘do is easy and flattering- the ideal choice for girls of all hair lengths, textures and personal tastes. The only downside, however, is that the popularity o

Cute Ponytail for Back to School Hairstyles

16 Simple and Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

I believe every girl can make a ponytail for a hot weather. But do you know how to style it for a more fabulous look? You can turn to all kinds of braids, twists or knots which will be able to add another definition to your ponytail. If you want to look cute,

DIY Double Fishtail Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

22 Great Ponytail Hairstyles for Girls

Ponytails should be one of the easiest hairstyles for women. It will only take you a few seconds to get that look in the morning. Besides, it is also being an effective way to keep your long tresses in control when you are busy doing something. Nowadays, you c

Pretty Curly Hairstyle

13 Stunning Ponytail Hairstyles for Curly Hair

In our conventional opinions, the wavy hairstyles are sexier and more fashionable than any other hairstyle. Yet, do you know that the wavy hairstyles can be more lovely than you think? Most of the time we will style our wavy locks into side-swept style or just

Special Ponytail Hairstyle for Brown Hair

Pretty Ponytail Hairstyles for Long and Medium Hair

Ponytails are the simplest hairstyles for women to make. As time passes by, the stylists have created more ways to rock a ponytail for a trendy look. In this post, we will see 14 stylish ways to rock a ponytail. All of them are the refined versions of the trad

Inverted Hearted Shaped Ponytail Hairstyle

14 Pretty and Chic Ponytail Hairstyles With Tutorials

Every woman creates their hair look depending your own personalities and preference. So you hair can always make a statement for you in any occasion. And if you want to make a good impression in public, you’d better put your hairstyle in the best place. I’

Wrapped High Ponytail Hairstyle

14 Fantastic Hairstyles You Will Like

Hey, divas. What kind of hairstyles can attract your your eyes immediately? For me, I like the seemingly simply yet quite pretty hairstyles and others will wonder how to make it. So, I selected some fantastic hairstyle for women who like the simple-chic style.

Hit the Trend with Ponytails: Heavy Ponytail

Hit the Trend with 7 Most Stylish Ponytails

For women, there must be some hairstyles which are the ones they have tried even once. But there is one hairstyle that every woman has tried. That is the Ponytail Hairstyle. This season, let’s rock the most stylish ponytails and glow with the classic and cla