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21 Wavy Bob Hairstyles You’ll Love

Bob hairstyles are now the determiners of modern beauty. A woman who sports a bob hairstyle is often seen strong, confident, and charismatic in all areas of life. More than that, bob cuts are popular because they can be maintained easily.

Here are some of the best wavy bob hairstyles that you can try.

Heavy Dark Brown and Shaggy Bob

The main accent of this style is the color. Dark brown is perfect for the shaggy and wavy style since it reflects a mysterious personality. This is one of the most recommended wavy bob hairstyles. Be careful in using hair chemicals—they might damage your hair, and the hair color.

Side View of short wavy bob hairstyle

Goldish Blonde with Waves

A golden wavy cut makes you look respectable and elegant. Dash your way into the office with this style, but make sure that you have a fabulous dress to go along with it!

Short soft wavy bob haircut for girls

Brown, Wavy and Intertwining

Daily hairstyle ideas: the balayage bob hairstyle with waves. Observe those intertwining wavy strands—they are patterned neatly for greater beautifying effect. Again, you can see the great effects of color brown. This wavy bob cut can also make you look enigmatic. A slight ombre effect makes this look even better.

wavy curly bob hairstyle for thick hair

Wavy in the Back

The waviness of this style is focused mostly in the back section–it’s all business in the front and party in the back. You can opt for this if you want your facial features emphasized greatly with face framing locks.

short ombre wavy bob haircut for women

Iconic Round Curls

Wavy lob hairstyle: Among other common wavy bob hairstyles, this one heightens your beauty in a different way. People will tend to notice your rounding curls and they might be delighted with your new pleasant aura. Choose a reliable hair curling iron for this style–and remember heat protectant spray..

Wavy Asymmetrical Bob hairstyle for women

Wavy with Tinges of Light Brown

This trendy bob haircut is similar to the Heavy Dark Brown style, but with an attitude. The combination of light brown and dark brown can bring out your foxier side. Add some waves to make it even more awesome too!

Short bob hairstyles for women

Lightly Wavy and Shoulder Length Bob

Proper combing and trimming is needed to get this cut right. Once done correctly, the Lightly Wavy style can make you look glamorous, especially in the professional arena. It’s a wash and wear style–very low maintenance!

layered wavy bob hairstyle for women

Wavy with a Braid

Messy is the new sexy. Some people may think that this wavy bob cut is disproportionate, but they’re wrong. If you’re confident enough, then you can make this rebellious hairstyle stand out for you. Hair creams and waxes are optional. Great for a boho look!

Easy braided wavy bob hairstyle

Wavy Blonde Bob Cut

The wavy portions of the hair can emphasize your facial features well. In addition, the blonde color gives off more of a glow compared to other color choices. Curlers and organic hair waxes can help maintain the beauty of this style.

Celebrity short wavy hairstyle for women - blonde bob
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Brown Wavy Curls

Wavy curls can make you feel lightweight and new. The brown color also magnifies the effect, adding to the beauty of the hairstyle. You can decide how loose or how tight you want your waves/curls to be.

Ombre wavy bob hairstyles 2016

Brown Shaggy Strands

Are you interested in a messy look? Then this hairstyle will probably catch your interest. This is a bit of a difficult one to pull off, but if you have a long oblong shaped face, the haircut will suit you just fine.

Short Wavy Bob Hairstyles for Women
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Super Wavy Jet Black Bob

Wavy on all angles, this bob cut is meant for women with strong personality and greater sense of the world. If you’re planning to impress someone over the coming weeks, you’d get better results with this hairstyle. Jet black helps your face stand out, compared to other colors.

wavy bob hairstyles for black hair

Wavy and Stylistic

Women with thin hair will somehow find it challenging to have wavy bob hairstyles. However, through proper combing and styling, even thin hair can be accentuated with waviness. This style will make you look innocent yet sensible.

Short wavy bob hairstyle with side swept bangs

Wavy and Smooth Flowing Bob

Your hair will flow like a river if you plan to choose this style. The cut may look simple and plain, but simplicity is real beauty! This haircut will make you look erudite. Choose a similar dirty blonde color with dark roots, or opt for a brown with highlights.

Chic short blonde wavy bob haircut for female

Simple Brown Curled Bob

This is a style that can boost your self-confidence. With the curls flowing at the back, and the waves at the front, you get more emphasis to your face. In maintenance, healthy dry shampoos are effective.

Beachy Wavy bob hairstyle for short hair

Simply Alluring Wavy Bob Cut

Bob cuts are alluring because of their capability of making you look strong and confident. With this simple wavy bob cut with blonde peekaboo highlights, you can make yourself look and feel more self-assured.

Cute short bob hairstyle with waves

Wavy Blonde with Twisting Curls

Before choosing this style, you need to ensure that you have healthy hair because with heat tools and curling, your hair can get damaged over time. This style can make you feel unique and confident – go for darker roots graduating out to a lighter brown, with blonde highlights.

Short soft wavy bob hairstyle for thick hair

Blonde and Lightly Wavy with Wispy Bangs

Sometimes, a wavy bob cut can get a bit boring. Get some wispy bangs to add a little more interest to this look, and you’re all good to go. Caring for this hair is easy and almost hassle-free.

Celebrity wavy bob hairstyle with bangs
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Super Wavy with Deep Side Part

This is similar to the Jet Black style, except that it appears lighter and can fit women who have endearing personalities. Are you going to a night party? Choose this style to win new friends. It’s also quite sultry.

Celebrity short curly bob haircut

Thick and Wavy Bob

Thick wavy bob hairstyles have been in the industry for many years. Now, it’s getting a strong comeback. If you prefer this cut, then you need to have thicker hair. Otherwise you’ll need to do a lot of teasing. But hey, it’ll make you look happier and care-free.

black curly bob hairstyle

Black Curly Strands

Shaggy strands are good for busy times where you can’t even afford to spend time fixing your hair. Sleep with your hair braided or twisted and release when you wake up to achieve effortless curls.

Short messy dark brown wavy bob haircut

Make your bob cuts interesting—pick your wavy styles today. You’ll be glad that you tried out any of these ideas – especially since they are all so in right now. Find more bob hairstyles on!

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