Navy Blue Multiple Rings

Rock the Stylish Multiple Rings

Chic fashionistas love to dress themselves up with different kinds of accessories. One category of the most popular accessories is the ring. Rings have numerous styles and all women could find their suitable ones. To go for an edgy chic look, you can wear more

Clay Bead Necklace

DIY Tutorials of Pretty Jewelry Crafts

Do you always think of completing your outfit with some jewelry accessories? Do you know how to make jewelry by yourself? If you want to spend little money on the jewelry accessories, you can just follow our post and do the accessories by yourself. The post of

Fashion in Baroque Style

Fashion in Baroque Style

The Baroque style is an indispensable element in the fashion industry. They are famous for their luxurious embroideries, fine laces, irregular patterns and dramatic hues. The Baroque fashion is sensational and it show off its style with wealth and quality. The

Metallic Bracelet

16 Pretty Bracelet Tutorials

When I was a child, I liked the bracelets. Among the bracelets, the braided bracelet is my favorite. The braided crafts are colorful and they can complete my T-shirts very well. They are the best things to spice up a dull T-shirt look. When I grow up, I try to

Kenneth Cole Collection: Exaggerated Fedora - New It Hat for Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

5 New It Hats for Fall 2014 Fashion Trends

If you are fed up with the slouchy beanies, I’ll give you some fresh ideas that just ripped from the New York Fashion Week runways. It seems the hats will get a big change with their height and obviously, the higher, the better. But the problem come up is t