15 Easy Simple Nail Art Tutorials For Beginners

When it is a new season, it is time for you to have new nail arts. What are you going to paint for your nails in fall? Fall is a good season to wear comfortable sweaters and stylish coats. In order to pair the look, you should pay more attention on the details

20 Cool Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Are you waiting for Halloween to have parties or do the trick or treat? When fall comes, Halloween is also around the corner. Some girls have been thinking about their Halloween costumes and makeup. What are you going to wear or to paint this year? However, be

18 Beige Nails for Your Next Manicure

Have you ever experienced with a manicure in beige? No? You should try to paint beige nails right away. Beige is a color which is between nude and pink. It is darker than nude but lighter than pink. It is adored by girls. Girls can make beige nail arts easily

25 Ideas to Paint Your Blue Nails for Fall

Today’s post will offer you some nail art ideas to welcome the new season. It will show pretty nail arts in color blue. Blue is one of popular colors for the season. Prepare blue polishes and paint your beautiful nail art right now. There are pretty good ide

25 Ocean Nails You Must Have for the New Season

Ocean themed nail arts are popular all the year around. The ocean manicure brings a fresh vibe to your nails by using blue polish mainly. Today’s post will not only offer you nail ideas in blue, but also nail arts about ocean. In the post, you can find nauti

30 Nail Ideas for Fall – Latest Nail Art Trends & Ideas

You want to change your nail arts? When a new season begins, it requires new nail art to pair your look. What are you going to paint in this fall? Fall is a beautiful season with the sunshine, the blue sky and the falling leaves. The weather is comfortable and

20 Nautical Themed Nail Arts You Will Like

Do you like the blue sea? Do you like sailing or racing on the sea? If you say yes, have you ever thought of making a new manicure on nautical themes? Today’s post is going to show you some nautical themed nail arts. Prepare your favorite polishes and begin

25 Geometric Ways to Make Pretty Nail Arts

Geometry is everywhere in the world. Designers even use geometry to create stylish garments for women. Actually geometric themes are used to pop up the nail arts as well. The variation of geometry enhances the nail designs. Today’s post is all about the geom

15 Wedding Inspired Nail Ideas You will Like

Do you like romantic nail designs for your new manicure? If you are considering your new nail arts, why not try wedding inspired nails to improve your nails? When weddings are mentioned, there are always something romantic around. Yes. To make a wedding inspir

30 Really Cute Toe Nails for Summer

Flip Flops are must-have stuff for every summer. What are your new flip flops like this year? Every girl may have several pairs of flip flops. The girls usually go with the staples without nice nails. Some of them change the toe manicure a lot. Here are toe na

25 Trendy Nails for Your Summer Look

Summer is approaching. Why not get a pretty summer manicure for the season? As it is an enthusiasm as well as hot season, let’s pop up the nail art by summer elements. Girls may consider what to glam your nails this summer. Don’t worry. There are ideas to

15 Cute Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love With

15 Cute Nail Art Designs You Will Fall in Love With

So you’ve got your dream outfit together- right down to the perfect accessories and hair on point- but there’s something missing? Sometimes one of the most overlooked parts of any look is nails! Whether you go for a stiletto shape like Lana Del Rey, eye-ca

Floral Nail Design Tutorial

20 Cute Nail Art Designs for Spring

Hey, girls! Are you enjoying the beautiful days? Do you like the latest fashion trends and will you follow them? The trendy outfit plays a very important part for our whole look. But you should never forget other details like makeup, accessories, and even nail