Summer Blue Nail Design

29 Adorable Blue Nail Designs for 2018

There are so many beautiful nail polishes in the store and it is so hard to pick one out of them. The basic rule for choosing the right nail polish color is that it should go well with your skin tone. But you can also make the final decision depending on your

Watercolor Nail Art Design

25 Remarkable Watercolor Nail Designs

Hey, girls! Do you want to wear watercolor nails for your new look this season? They appear very gorgeous and complicated. But in fact, they are not as difficult to make as you imagined. To create the watercolor nails, you will need to pick at least four diffe

Pink Water Marble Nail Design

18 Unique Water Marble Nail Designs for 2016

The water marble nail designs look really pretty and beautiful for girls. But it seems very difficult to make and you may need some instruments and skills. The patterns created in the water will be varying each time, so you are going to have a totally unique d

Droplet Glitter Nail Design

35 Amazing Glitter Nail Designs for 2018

Hey, girls! Do you like wearing glitter nail designs? They look so glamorous and will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The glitter nail art designs always stay in trend for girls, so you can always wear them to complete your outfits. Besides, it is

Pink Rose Nail Design

25 Cute Pink Nail Designs for 2016

Do you love pink nails? They look so pretty and cute for girls. You will have a lot of different ways to have pink nails. Most of time, we’d consider the pink color as a sign of being girly and feminine. But now, women chose pink to showcase their independen

Thanksgiving Nail Design - Fall Leaves

20 Impressive Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Hey, everyone! Thanksgiving is coming soon and are you excited about it? It will be necessary to decorate your house and cook some delicious food to celebrate the family reunion. But you should also pay attention to your clothes, makeup and nails if you want t

Green and White Shamrock Nails

12 Beautiful Shamrock Nails

Most of time, we wear shamrock nails to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. But I think you can also wear them in your everyday life. Compared with other floral nail designs, they look extremely pretty and cute especially when painted on your nails. The light gre

Baby Chick Easter Nail Design

12 Lovely Baby Chick Nail Designs

As we all know, the two famous animals for Easter are baby bunnies and baby chicks. Which one do you like? For those girls who like baby bunnies better, today I’d like to show you several ways to wear them on your nails. Most of time, we’d like to paint th

Pepsi Nail Design

12 Impressive Pepsi Nail Designs

Do you like the color of Pepsi blue? I bet it will definitely refresh anyone of us in the hot days. Apart from the blue, Pepsi also has white and red colors in its famous logo. It really looks amazing when you wear the Pepsi logo on your nails. Besides, there

Red Coca Cola Nail Design

11 Pretty Coca Cola Nail Designs

Do you like to drink Coca Cola? Have you ever thought of painting the classic Coca Cola logo on your nails? It will absolutely look gorgeous with a good design. There are quite a lot of colors for your choice and you can make one creative Coca Cola nail design

25 Pretty Nail Art for Fall

It turns to a new season. What do you want to glam for fall? Why not just begin with manicure to welcome the new season? It’s time for you to take care of your nail art! If you don’t have any idea on your new manicure, you can browse through today’s post

Yellow Duck Nail Design

12 Cute Animal Nail Art Designs

Have you ever thought of painting small animals on your nails? Well, I should say it will definitely look cute and lovely for girls. You can choose from cats, sheep, ducks, fish, butterflies or some other animals you like to decorate your finger nails. There a

Fourth of July Nails

23 Terrific Fireworks Nail Designs

Have you ever seen fireworks nail designs before? Most of time, fireworks would remind us of festivals and celebrations. We all love to watch firework shows as they can make us feel happy. Today, I’d like to show you several ways to paint them on your nails.

Metallic Fish Scale Nails

21 Cool Animal Print Nail Designs

Animal print nails will look mature and sophisticated for women. This season, you can try more colors for you animal print design. The most commonly seen one should be the leopard print and it is also to be considered as the sexiest pattern. You can also try w

Golden Key Arm Tattoo with 13

15 Cool Number 13 Tattoo Designs

Do you like the number 13? Have you ever seen a tattoo that is featured with the number 13? I know there are many people who really don’t like it and think it is a sign of bad luck. But different people have different opinions. For those people who take 13 a