Beth Lucas tattoos – ‘I wish time was on our side’ by Tilly Dee

Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings

Celebrity Tattoos – Beth Lucas Tattoos & Meanings Beth Lucas tattoos are a really well-planned set of skin-art, which she’s been working on for about six years. Beth is a fabulously talented acoustic guitarist and singer-songwriter from Brisbane, A

Amy Winehouse tattoos - family tattoos

Amy Winehouse Tattoos & Meanings

Amy Winehouse Tattoos Meanings Amy Winehouse tattoos are thought to have included at least fifteen images, most of them done by her favourite tattoo artist in Camden Town, London. Amy’s tattoos are very interesting both for their visual appeal and because th

Cute Crown Tattoos for Lovers

48 Crown Tattoo Ideas We Love

Crown Tattoo that makes you a king or queen Crown tattoos have been inspired by a various items. Drawing a unique crown tattoo on your body must have unique inspirations for it to stand out. Crown tattoos have been drawn for many centuries. The fact that crown

17 Travel Tattoo Designs

One of my friends have inked a compass tattoo on her neck. She loves traveling very much and she has this travel themed tattoo design to show that she will always find her way with her compass. More and more people love the travel tattoo designs now. They have

Alexia Rodriguez Piano Tattoo

7 Alexia Rodriguez’s Tattoos & Meanings

Alexia Rodriguez Tattoos Meanings – Symbols of Strength & Subversion As fabulous guitarist and lead vocalist of Eyes Set to Kill, Alexia Rodriguez tattoos – currently numbering six – present a strong female image! In fact, Alexia Rodriguez ta

Beautiful Shoulder Tattoo

Incredible Tattoo Designs for Your Shoulder

Hey, girls! If you are a tattoo lover, you will not miss today’s post because you will find pretty good tattoo designs here. The title is called Incredible Tattoo Designs for Your Shoulder. Yes. It seems pretty as well as incredible for girls to ink tattoos

3D Tattoo Designs

Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Men

Not like women, men have strong arm and some of them like having tattoo designs to show their masculinity. As you are a tattoo lover, what arm tattoo designs do you want most? Today we are going to show you some sleeve tattoo designs to show your strong arms.

Stamp Tattoo

12 Pretty Wrist Tattoo for the Week

I always think that the wrist is the best place to have a tiny tattoo design. Today I am going to introduce some stylish as well pretty wrist tattoo designs to you again. As a tattoo lover, I don’t think you will miss them. In the post, you can find many a t

Best Friend Tattoo Design

15 Best Friend Tattoos

Have you heard of the BFF tattoos? The BFF tattoos are known as the best friend tattoos. They are inked to show your friendship with your friends. We have offered you some matching tattoo designs, like the couple tattoos and the daughter-mother tattoos. Today

Face Tattoo

10 Amazing Tattoo Designs for the Week

Hey, tattoo addicts! What is your new tattoo designs? If you still don’t know what to ink, you can check today’s post out. Today we are going to introduce some amazing tattoo designs to you. We don’t think that you will miss it. In the post, you may find

45 Tattoo Quote Ideas for Women

“Live every moment, Laugh every day, Love beyond words” Another spin off of the crazily trendy “Live laugh love” quote, except this time there’s a few added words that make this quote REALLY pop! “Count every beautiful thing” This beautiful qu

Disney Glow Tattoo

12 Glow Tattoo Designs You May Like

Have you ever heart of the glow tattoo designs? Glow tattoo designs are known as UV tattoos or blacklight tattoos. They will appear only under an ultraviolet light and they will not be seen under an normal light. Do you feel that the glow tattooo can play magi